My Dream on the night of 3rd November 2014

In this encounter, I can never guarantee that these things will come to fulfilment, but experience has shown that such things will always come to fruition.

Whether this is going to be the case for this dream, I really don’t know.

I dreamt of a big apartment complex, a really big cube-like building with many apartments.

There was an earthquake that everyone noticed and felt. It must be meant either for the whole of Europe or the whole world. I think the latter. I knew that it was a sign indicating the Warning. The Warning would follow shortly. This was one of the last signs. This is the impression the dream left me with.

A great section of the building was destroyed by the earthquake. The people were desperate, ran in all directions or fled from their apartments and out of the building. There was chaos. Many people died. I also saw my daughter and my brothers and sisters. They were alive.

Jesus went with me and showed me the building and what happened. We watched as onlookers from above and saw the people running in confusion and screaming. He showed me exactly how the house looked after the earthquake. He told me that it was exactly according to His will to let the building fall apart, as I saw it now and He told me that it was exactly according to His will to let the people die which had died, and to let those live who were now alive.

Some apartments were totally destroyed, but despite this, the people survived while some homes were intact, but the people had died.

My explanation of the Dream:
1. The building in the form of a giant cube with many, many apartments represented the world
2. The earthquake is a sign announcing the Warning to come.
3. In the dream He showed me that in the Warning which was to come, many would die.
4. The building which was represented as a dice, showed me that for Jesus to take lives or to spare them was not a game of chance, but was exactly according to His will. He gives life and He takes it away and all is exactly how He ordained it to be.
5. Today, on the 3.11.14, He directed me to look at the messages about earthquakes before the Warning. I searched and immediately found the
Message 335, in which He announced that earthquakes would occur before the Warning.
335. God the Father: “Earthquakes will be felt as part of a small chastisement before the Warning.”  Friday 10th February 2012, 7.50 pm
6. In conclusion, because I am always uncertain, He gave me a splitting headache.

This is how I knew that He wanted me to know with certainty that this was the meaning of this dream. It was a confirmation from Him. I always get these splitting headaches intermittently around the head, but then I am happy because then I know that He is near.

He demonstrated to me, so to speak, His Presence, His Consolation, His Support, His Encouragement etc. It is painful for me to see it (the pain) as a reward and joy.

I have had this pain since 17th November 2013 (this date also has a personal meaning for me!) and, as I said, experienced it as joy and reward. – but not on a regular basis..I also always have this pain before our Immaculate Heart of Mary prayer meeting, when I have to experience a “dry spell” the whole week before it. Then Jesus makes His presence noticed 2 days beforehand, noticeably, through the pain in my Head. So He wants to tell me that He is now with me, and that I do not need to have any fear or concerns about the Immaculate Heart of Mary meeting and that He will be on hand. This than calms me down. He soothed me in this way again– as often before – when I was unsure whether to make the dream publicly known or not! But He gives me these graces not for me alone but in order to pass them on. That is my assignment.


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