The Warning and the One World Religion


After I had read through message 1287, I queried the statement “a confusion of such magnitude will stir amongst all Christian faiths, that many will desert me…” . sad and desperate, why will the confusion after the Warning be so great in terms of the One World Religion, when during the Warning, each person had come to know Jesus Christ and had seen Him and received wisdom respectively from Christianity and the Catholic Faith?

Jesus explained:
After the Warning, the people will be in such a state of joy, euphoria and motivation that they have come to know Jesus Christ, that they will turn, accept this one true religion and convert to the Catholic faith. In their unsuspecting and unconscious blindness and their ignorance of the one, true religion- that is to say, of the original Catholic faith according to the teachings of Jesus – they will run to the prepared, false one-world religion.

They will be led like sheep to the slaughter, and walk through the One World Religion to their catastrophic misfortune.
For this purpose, an image was put into my head:

And so children, with joyful anticipation and suspense, entered a new fairground. The gates were open wide, and at the entrances were clowns and funnily- disguised fairground staff who invited the children at the top of their voices to enter and have fun at the new attraction. The children raced without thinking, in an uncontrolled manner, enthusiastically inside and didn’t know into what dangers they placed themselves.

Unfortunately, this will also apply to the new One World Religion. The adversary, with his helpers, had refined and ingeniously prepared the new “religion” and then right on the day of the Warning were standing by, ready to lead people on the false path and to deceive them by issuing the new religion as the true religion and teachings of Christ.

Unfortunately, many priests will also be deceived and their flocks led on this path.

Then, and at that moment we – the Remnant Army – must in turn, use all our strength and all our love of Jesus to work towards, and counteract it.!!

Jesus relies on us to lead people, in His Name, on the true path, to tell them the Truth and to pluck them from the madness of the false religion. We must use all our strength to educate the priests and all the people.

See the excerpt from the message 1287 which, amongst other things, is meant for the Remnant Army:
“…It is because of these things to come that I give those of you who truly love Me, the Graces to help Me to save God’s children from this great abomination, soon to rear its ugly head. Accept my gifts; my promise to help you and to guide you, which I bring you now. ..”

My beloved brothers and sisters, prepare beforehand and fight, be courageous and remain faithful to Him .

Wishing you a blessed Christmas day in the perfect faith and the belief that Jesus didn’t came into the world in vain, but, by His death on the cross He saved us all, and ransomed us from sin and the beast.

Your Patricia

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Traditional Catholic; member of Jesus' Remnant Army and member of a Jesus to Mankind Prayer Group.