Vision on 5th October in advance of the Bishops’ Synod

Dear brothers and sisters of our Merciful Saviour

On the 5/10/2014, on the day of the beginning of the Synod and a day after our meeting of Immaculate Heart of Mary prayer group at Einsiedeln, Martin and I were invited by a friend who was also at the meeting to a private dinner in Switzerland. There were a total of 6 of us at the table.

At the Grace after Meals, which was said by the hostess, I closed my eyes and had a vision, which I can only now explain. We had already spoken at the table over it, but the meaning was still open to interpretation.

But I already knew that it was a vision about the Synod.
In the vision I saw a place with large chess figures and how these were used when they were played out in the open. Frances sat at the head of a table, turned towards the game. Otherwise there were no other people to be seen, only the chess figures which were placed on a chessboard drawn on the ground. Across from Frances and behind the figures was a very high wall and when one looked up, there were no heavens (i.e. no sky, no light) only darkness. The whole square was, so to speak, held in darkness, almost completely black.

I now know – today on the 20/10/2014, a day after the end of the Synod –the explanation of the vision, which I could not have known or even guessed on the 5/10/2014 at our shared dining table.

Following are some points that come to mind as explanations:
1. The whole thing was like a game of chess for Frances
2. He was the main person at the head of the table, who observed the chess game and controlled it but who himself did not participate in the game.
3. He used his bishops as chess figures
4. He had all the strings in his hand and moved the figures as he needed them and which were of use to him.
5. The whole game was manipulated.
6. He also put new figures into the game
7. He only “played” with them. They served him for the purpose of achieving his hidden goal at any cost. This was the order of Satan – to destroy the Church.
8. The wall signified that everything lay in darkness – everything that is dishonest, concealed, impenetrable, hidden, manipulated, etc.
9. The fact that were no heavens signified that it was a game of hell and that this game, i.e. the Synod, was created in hell.
10. At the end he and his players were checkmated by Heaven, insofar as the conservatives rebelled and enforced the final report.


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