Pilgrimage Part 1: Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg St Sebastian

We went to a Traditional Latin High Mass at St. SEBASTIEN’s kirche. We presented our petitions for the prayer group and lighted some candles before the statue of St Padre Pio and the beautiful picture of Jesus’ Holy Face. We met the priest afterwards and some lovely parishioners. The latter commented that we stood out because the ladies wore mantilas .

Statue of Padre PioPicture of the Holy Face of Jesus

As we walked along a main road through town, we passed a laneway, at the end of which I spied a holy picture. I had to go down and investigate. I was astounded at what I saw – that this could be in a public place and not be destroyed or defaced. The laneway turned in a sharp left and led upwards on a rather steep incline. I saw more up the road, so I had to go and see. My brother soon came looking for me, as I had disappeared from sight and it was too steep for the others to follow. We kept going and discovered that they were stations of the Cross, At the top was the twelfth Station (at the top of the hill). behind it we saw a Church. We mounted the steps and prayed there. We noticed a building behind the twelfth Station , which looked like a church. It was the Capuchin chapel (Kappuziner Kirche).


We went inside and prayed and presented our prayer group intentions.

The Basilica of St Michael, Mondsee.

Later, while on the Sound of Music tour, we stopped off at Mondsee with the beautiful Basilica of St Michael where the

Sound of Music wedding was filmed. We presented our prayer group intentions to Our Lady inside a beautiful
grotto inside the Basilica of St Michael and lit candles.


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