Pilgrimage Part 4 Lanciano: The Eucharistic Miracle and Signs and Wonders

The Church of the Eucharistic Miracle, Lanciano:

We were so fortunate to attend Mass, on a Sunday, at this wonderful place! We didn’t plan it this way – it just worked out that way.

A good thing here (unlike Loreto) is that there were traditional pews with kneelers. This meant that in the Liturgy, people knelt rather than stood the whole time. Although after the consecration they stood and remained standing until Holy Communion. There were no Eucharistic ministers (the same as in Loreto and Assisi); only priests/ monks.

The Eucharistic Miracle:

The Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano, was housed in a glass Monstrance and glass Chalice and placed in a tabernacle made of glass. It was behind the altar but visible from the church pews.

In a room at the side, there was a display of the scientific report and diagrams which further investigated this miracle in the 1970’s. Unfortunately it was mostly in Italian, but I did get a DVD which is in seven languages. We all look forward to sharing it around. If you haven’t read about this miracle before you must research it. It is AMAZING!!!

Our good Lord is so merciful and so loving and caring; He gives us signs and miracles and wonders all through history to encourage us and remind us of His Presence.

Signs and Wonders:

During Mass, one of our group asked Jesus to let her feel His presence. She said at Holy Communion she felt a warmth and a love that she had never felt before. Something she cannot explain properly. Afterwards she felt very “tired”(for lack of a better word). Over 2 hours later, she still felt “drawn out”.

We have a very close friend, whom we have known for nearly 20 years. She has been a visionary/seer for over 25 years and our former Bishop knew her well. She is a very humble and simple soul. The same group member (as above) said that before Holy Communion, she felt her presence saying that Jesus wanted us to see Sri Lanka (when our plane had to make an emergency landing). We are meant to pray for these very poor people and their country.

This same visionary had told us, before we left, not to worry – that Our Lord would look after us. And amazingly we were never worried – even when the plane had difficulties.

And a personal sign…

After Mass at the Church of the Eucharistic Miracle, we met some nuns from the “APOSTLES OF THE SACRED HEART”. They were doing a pilgrimage around Italy of the places their foundress had visited. They were all dressed in white and apparently some of them work at the hospice, at San Giovanni Rotundo. We went up to them because after the talk (in Italian), by a priest /monk at the tabernacle which housed the Miracle, one of the nuns made some petitions in English (in an American accent).

This was a special sign for me because I have been praying to the Sacred Heart and to Our Blessed Mother for a special intention.* The Sacred Heart has special significance to our family due to a little miracle which happened about 20 years ago.

The Sisters of the Sacred Heart in the Church foyer
The Sisters of the Sacred Heart in the Church foyer

Thank you Jesus, for being with us on our journey. Amen.

We prayed to Jesus for all our intentions before the Miracle of the Eucharist, and, as before, we managed to touch our special handkerchiefs** to the glass of the tabernacle.

Editor’s notes:

*See the post “Watch this Space” under prayer group sharing, for the special intention for which my mum is praying.

** These handkerchiefs were made by a fellow prayer group member who took them with her to the Holy Land on pilgrimage and, on our behalf, touched them to many places of holy significance. It was an inspiration she had. She brought them back to us as a gift of simple faith. To understand this, mediate upon Luke 9: 44-48.

One of the handkerchiefs


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