JTM Prayer Meeting- Tuesday, 8th September, 2015

The theme for today was “Special Graces” (Group D prayers)

As usual the readings are randomly chosen.

Douay-Rheims Bible + Challoner Notes      Prophecy Of Ezechiel – Chapter 11
A prophecy against the presumptuous assurance of the great ones. A remnant shall be saved, and receive a new spirit, and a new heart.
[1] And the spirit lifted me up, and brought me into the east gate of the house of the Lord, which looketh towards the rising of the sun: and behold in the entry of the gate five and twenty men: and I saw in the midst of them Jezonias the son of Azur, and Pheltias the son of Banaias, princes of the people. [2] And he said to me: Son of man, these are the men that study iniquity, and frame a wicked counsel in this city, [3] Saying: Were not houses lately built? This city is the caldron, and we the flesh. [4] Therefore prophesy against them, prophesy, thou son of man. [5] And the spirit of the Lord fell upon me, and said to me: Speak: Thus saith the Lord: Thus have you spoken, O house of Israel, for I know the thoughts of your heart.

Notes: [3] Were not houses lately built: These men despised the predictions and threats of the prophets; who declared to them from God, that the city should be destroyed, and the inhabitants carried into captivity: and they made use of this kind of argument against the prophets, that the city, so far from being like to be destroyed, had lately been augmented by the building of new houses; from whence they further inferred, by way of a proverb, using the similitude of a cauldron, out of which the flesh is not taken, till it is thoroughly boiled, and fit to be eaten, that they should not be carried away out of their city, but there end their days in peace.

[6] You have killed a great many in this city, and you have filled the streets thereof with the slain. [7] Therefore thus saith the Lord God: Your slain, whom you have laid in the midst thereof, they are the flesh, and this is the caldron: and I will bring you forth out of the midst thereof. [8] You have feared the sword, and I will bring the sword upon you, saith the Lord God. [9] And I will cast you out of the midst thereof, and I will deliver you into the hand of the enemies, and I will execute judgments upon you. [10] You shall fall by the sword: I will judge you in the borders of Israel, and you shall know that I am the Lord.

Notes [10] In the borders of Israel: They pretended that they should die in peace in Jerusalem; God tells them it should not be so; but that they should be judged and condemned, and fall by the sword in the borders of Israel: viz., in Reblatha in the land of Emath, where all their chief men were put to death by Nabuchodonosor. 4 Kings 25., and Jer. 52. 10, 27.

[11] This shall not be as a caldron to you, and you shall not be as flesh in the midst thereof: I will judge you in the borders of Israel. [12] And you shall know that I am the Lord: because you have not walked in my commandments, and have not done my judgments, but you have done according to the judgments of the nations that; are round about you. [13] And it came to pass, when I prophesied, that Pheltias the son of Banaias died: and I fell down upon my face, and cried with a loud voice: and said: Alas, alas, alas, O Lord God: wilt thou make an end of all the remnant of Israel? [14] And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: [15] Son of man, thy brethren, thy brethren, thy kinsmen, and all the house of Israel, all they to whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem have said: Get ye far from the Lord, the land is given in possession to us.

Notes: [15] Thy brethren: He speaks of them that had been carried away captives before; who were despised by them that remained in Jerusalem: but as the prophet here declares to them from God, should be in a more happy condition than they, and after some time return from their captivity.

[16] Therefore thus saith the Lord God: Because I have removed them far off among the Gentiles, and because I have scattered them among the countries: I will be to them a little sanctuary in the countries whither they are come. [17] Therefore speak to them: Thus saith the Lord God: I will gather you from among the peoples, and assemble you out of the countries wherein you are scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel. [18] And they shall go in thither, and shall take away all the scandals, and all the abominations thereof from thence. [19] And I will give them one heart, and will put a new spirit in their bowels: and I will take away the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh: [20] That they may walk in my commandments, and keep my judgments, and do them: and that they may be my people, and I may be their God.
[21] But as for them whose heart walketh after their scandals and abominations, I will lay their way upon their head, saith the Lord God. [22] And the cherubims lifted up their wings, and the wheels with them: and the glory of the God of Israel was over them. [23] And the glory of the Lord went up from the midst of the city, and stood over the mount that is on the east side of the city. [24] And the spirit lifted me up, and brought me into Chaldea, to them of the captivity, in vision, by the spirit of God: and the vision which I had seen was taken up from me. [25] And I spoke to them of the captivity all the words of the Lord, which he had shewn me.

Editor’s comment: This reading seemed so relevant to us today. There are the people in the city who did not listen to the prophet, and who twisted God’s words to change the meaning to make it seem more favourable to them. It speaks of the remnant which was scattered and held in captivity (persecution) in countries everywhere. It tells how God will gather them up and how they will obey God’s commandments and how “they may be my people, and I may be their God.”

Allow Me to lift you, from all harm, to safety away from the Antichrist.
31 July 2012
My dearly beloved daughter hear me now as I inform you that my time is almost upon the world.
Your time is short as the days of darkness fade and a new dawn, a new beginning will emerge.
All your tears of fear and distress are almost over with little time left for the glorious era of peace to emerge.
The renewal of the Kingdom of the Earth will shortly take place and my dominion over all of God’s children will replace the seat of Satan.
Your confusion, my followers over the authenticity of My Calling to you now, will disappear.
All will become clear, like the crystal clean waters of a spring from my Heavenly body, as it gushes forth now to consume the hearts of all God’s children.
The light of the truth will inflame the world, despite the ever growing darkness which has settled like a festering disease over every corner of the Earth.
Soon the truth will set you free, clear away all your doubts, your fears and will release within you a clarity of mind and soul.
Then, filled with my Holy Spirit, a global conversion will take place.
Those whose faith is weak will be renewed and the truth of a new Christian army will come into being.
Hope, love and prayer will sustain you as I lead the world towards the new legacy promised to you for so long.
To those of you who are fearful of my messages just remember this.
The world which awaits you is a great gift for you and your families.
It is a Paradise which you should be longing for as nothing on Earth, as you know it, can compare.
If you love me, then trust in my goodness, My Love, my promise to bring you into the glorious inheritance for which you were born.
Surrender all your worries and fears now.
Allow me to lift you, from all harm, to safety away from the Antichrist.
Recite this Crusade Prayer (71) prayer to save us from the persecution
Oh Jesus save God’s children from the Antichrist.
Protect us from the plans to control the Earth.
Lord, save us from the persecution.
Protect dark souls from the Antichrist so that they can be redeemed
In your eyes.
Help us in our weakness.
Strengthen us in spirit to rise and lead each other as we march in
Your army to the gates of Paradise.
I need you dear Jesus.
I love you dear Jesus.
I glorify your presence on Earth.
I shun the darkness.
I adore you and I surrender myself in body and spirit
So that you can reveal to me the truth of your presence so that
I will always trust in your mercy at all times.
Go now and prepare your souls so that you remain strong and loyal to me as I lead you towards eternal life.
Your Jesus

Editor’s comment: What beautiful words of consolation from our dear Lord to encourage us and not to fear.

This sign, not to be confused with the Mark of the Beast, will be to symbolise the new One World Religion
17 April 2013
My dearly beloved daughter, My Heart heaves as I have to endure the wretchedness and the suffering which the whole of humanity will have to endure.
It is not my hand which will cause this but the curse of Satan, as his spirit roams and devours souls along his path.
So unsuspecting are they to this influence of evil that people blame everything else for their suffering.
They place the blame of their hardship upon others and fail to understand that it is the lack of belief in God that creates such havoc in their lives.
As the spirit of the evil one grips humanity, the light of God will clash with it in ways which will be evidenced by a number of things.
Storms will increase and upheavals will be felt in so many countries.
Unrest will be seen in nations as the power of governments takes away the freedom of the people over whom they govern.
Then, the Churches, including all those who love God, the one triune God, will begin to withdraw their services and close their doors.
The number of Churches which will close down, will be seen, in all western countries.
Soon the mark of communism will be seen by a special sign which will appear in Churches which remain open; in the media; on items of clothing; in movies and this sign will be proudly worn by those in high places.
It will be seen as a badge of honour and flaunted by members of the hierarchies in all main Churches and religious denominations.
You will see this symbol in public places; on altars; in airports and on the garments worn by leaders in the Churches.
This sign, not to be confused with the mark of the beast, will be to symbolise the new one world religion.
Those responsible for it will no longer be fearful of displaying their sign, which is a symbol for control and allegiance to the beast.
The day the daily sacrifice of the Masses are stopped, in the format which they must be offered in my holy name, will be the day when this symbol appears on the altars and before all the tabernacles in the world.
Pray, My beloved followers, that you will find solace in those sacred servants of mine who remain loyal to me, for you will need comfort during these trials.
I will always lift you and carry you.
I will never desert you, but you must never deviate from My Teachings, or accept pagan practices as a substitute for the truth.
Your Jesus

Editor’s comment: Words of warning- telling us what to expect, but also reassurance.

Mother of Salvation: The Truth will be twisted and the Word of God will be presented back to front.
1 January 2014

My child, please encourage all of God’s children to persevere during the trials, which are to come.
So many challenges will face all Christians, who will have to witness the wicked apostasy which will be paraded before them by those they will seek guidance from, in order to live whole Christian lives.
Those who are to be appointed shortly, in the highest echelons of My Son’s Church on Earth, will not be from God.

They will not serve My Son and will change many doctrines and laws within the Church.
So quickly will they bring about such changes, with many new books, missals and letters being introduced, that you will know then that such works would have taken years to prepare.
It would not be possible to introduce such radical changes in so many formats, were this not the case.
This will be one of the first signs where you can be sure that this soon-to-be-introduced, twisted doctrine will have been created with great care.
Many people will not recognise these changes in the Church and those who do will applaud them, for they will assuage the guilt they will feel because of their sins.

Finally, they will be relieved, for now it will mean that they will be able to openly proclaim their acceptance of all things which offend God.
For, if the Church declares sin to be a natural thing and part of human nature, then this means, surely, that sin is no longer important.
Then, by declaring the importance of looking after the world’s poor and hungry, they will deem themselves to be holy in God’s eyes.
When My Son is denied publicly and when his word is twisted, great care will be put into great public acts of charity.
This will divert attention away from the reality.
It will create diversion and finally the true word of God will no longer be discussed.

When all religions are brought under one roof and where the views of the heathen are treated with great respect, then people will be afraid to stand up and declare the truth.
If and when they dare to do this, they will be accused of blasphemy.
The day is quickly approaching when to declare yourself a true Christian and when you remind people of the word of God, then you will be accused of heresy.

The truth will be twisted and the word of God will be presented back to front.
Nothing will be orderly.
Nothing will make sense in the new rules soon to be introduced into the Church of My Son.
It is important that no matter how unpopular you may become, you must always remain true to the word of God.
Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

As a result of the readings,the people present today decided to put Crusade Prayer 71 into our Core Prayers  (that we say each day)        

We always feel strong and united, encouraged and renewed after each prayer meeting. Thank you Jesus for guiding us and for being with us at our prayer meetings.


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