Attacks of the Evil One Part 1

The following ( the first of more to come) is the story of a Crusade Prayer Group member from the other side of the world from  here. The following is a translation from the original.

Dear Remnant Army,
I want to prepare you for the many and violent attacks that may occur in the near future or even now can happen to each of you.

I experience violent attacks continually, especially before, or after a prayer group meeting, but this time it really was especially bad. The adversary had tried everything to prevent me going to S (place) to meet the other participants there, let alone talk about the Book of Truth.

After two hours of driving I noticed on the highway, that my car was slowing down, and the warning light lit up. I stopped on the hard shoulder of the road. The engine was smoking , the rubber caps on the spark flew up and there was the stench from the engine.

We ended up having to organize for roadside assistance to come, with whom I had become a member, in the hope of saving the costs of technicians . The Roadside assistance mechanic tried to figure out why the car had come to a standstill, and realized after a short time that the engine was ruined and that there was nothing he could do.

The smell was terrible and the engine was smoking. There were no warning signs beforehand. I had bought the car (2009 model) as a used car and had only had it for just over a year. I had it serviced regularly, and had a service done only a month earlier. I also regularly checked the oil and water .

We organized for Roadside Assistance to tow the car to the nearest Hyundai workshop. From there we were only able to take a taxi to the nearby airport to rent a car there. As it was the 1st of May the airport was the only place that we would have been able to rent a car.

It was found after a few days that the motor was completely destroyed and there was absolutely no more water in the engine. Likewise, the new spark plugs and cylinder head were destroyed – one wonders how all this could happen.

I have now heard from the 4th expert that he had never seen anything like it.
I unfortunately can’t explain it because I do not know. I just know that I received help and support. I hope and pray that I continue to receive this necessary assistance, especially now in my serious concern to continue with the Immaculate Heart of Mary apostolate.

Please pray your Rosary diligently, because this is a very powerful weapon and a great power against the adversary. Have your car blessed so that you will be spared from such a loss. The adversary spares nothing in order to harm us.

In Part 2, I will tell you of the attacks of the adversary, that you may be somewhat prepared. Jesus asked me to pass this on to you.

God bless you and our Mother hold you firmly in her embrace, and held securely in her protective mantle, so that nothing will happen to you.

Your Patricia

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