Pilgrimage – Epilogue: The Missing link – Signs and Wonders


This post refers to our pilgrimage back in July. It refers to when we attended Mass at the Church of the Eucharistic MIracle in Lanciano. (See post entitled “Pilgrimage Part 4 – Lanciano: The Eucharistic miracle and Signs and Wonders” for other miraculous events here)

In this post I mentioned a certain visionary – friend of ours. Unbeknown by us at the time much more was occurring, than what was evident.

Signs and Wonders

One of our group had seen an angel in a window with the name of our friend on it – an ornament for a Christmas tree. She wondered whether she should buy it for her, but decided that she might not like to hang an angel with her name on a Christmas tree. Later she had mentioned that she wished that our visionary friend was there with us.

Another person in the group,( J.. ) whispered that she could feel  V’s (mystic/friend/) presence. She didn’t know how or why she felt that. J.. felt she was there “beside them” in the church. J.. later,  after Holy Communion had another quite miraculous experience. (for more information on this see post named above.) We all  felt overwhelming wonder and awe at the things that had occurred and we all agreed that what they experienced was truly miraculous.

But Jesus granted more. While this was happening in Lanciano, the same mystic, praying in Australia, SAW in perfect detail, the exact group of people kneeling and praying together in the church in Lanciano overseas. She did not know anything of what we had experienced or felt.

After we returned from the pilgrimage, we were at a First Saturday prayer group which is held at a member’s place, to which this visionary/friend also comes. Before we could say anything to her about our pilgrimage, she asked us where we were on the 5th July. We had to think back through our itinerary and all concurred that we were at Lanciano at the church of the Eucharistic miracle.She told us an amazing story, after which we rushed to tell her what was actually happening at the time.

I asked  V.. if she could write her story down. She records all her messages, but I didn’t know if she would write this down.She cannot always make it to the First Saturday Prayer group, but today (November) she was there with her written testimony. I have written it out below:

” Message given to V…

5th July, 2015.


Vision of my friends while they were on a pilgrimage in Italy.

Some friends of mine recently left for a pilgrimage to Europe. They went to Italy, Medjugorje and Salzburg in Austria.

But today, I had such a vivid vision of them. I was praying the Divine mercy Chaplet at about 4.30 in the afternoon. All of a sudden, such a vivid vision appeared to me of my friends who were in Italy at the time. In the vision, I saw my friend T…, and standing around her I could see the rest of the group. I could clearly see J…, M… and J….   I could distinctly hear everything they were saying.

Then I heard T… exclaim, ‘I wish …was here, she would love it, she would love to see everything we are seeing now!’ T.. was so emotional. I could see tears coming out of her eyes. She was very deeply moved.

I knew this was from our Lord. I could feel His presence and I asked  Him, ‘Lord, is this possible? What am I seeing and experiencing now, is it real?  He smiled and said, ‘Yes it is all real. It is the Holy Spirit which has manifested very strongly between them and you.’

Our Lord said,’Through the Holy Spirit anything can happen. You can be transposed anywhere in the world. The holy Spirit can transmit a vision, an actual event to you, no matter where you are in the world. Everything that they have so far experienced as a group, T… is the one who has absorbed the most, very deeply and sincerely. She was very open to the Holy Spirit, who entered her soul.’ He said.

The Holy Spirit is never resting. He is always active in our life. Through her tears I could see that she was truly touched by the Holy Spirit. A few weeks later, after my friends had returned from their pilgrimage, I saw them at J…’s place for our Rosary Prayer Group on the first Saturday of August. I was delighted to share with them my vision of them, how in spirit I saw them all whilst they were in Italy. They were overjoyed to hear my story. They confirmed that what I had seen and heard was all true. They were very happy and they asked me if I could write it all down for them. Thank you most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You love us so much and you manifest through the Holy Spirit and love and guide us.

(signed V….)”

Editor’s comment:

This was truly a miracle that took place in two places at the same time with unequivocal confirmation.

There were so many little miracles and amazing things that happened to us on that pilgrimage. When I fell on the rocks on the mountain at Medjugorje, this same visionary said that she saw me – that the devil had pushed me because he was angry with me. This explained very clearly what happened and how it happened and the strangeness of it all – read about it in the Medjugorje section of the pilgrimage posts.

So the pilgrimage which began with the line in an early post “Fully expecting miracles…” was solidly and amazingly fulfilled.


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