Attacks of the Evil One: Part IV

Translated from the original.

Attacks of the Evil One Part 4:

During the nights of Good Friday and Holy Saturday, as on the 4/4/15, I experienced another attack, which however, didn’t bother me as much, although it was strong, but I was apparently greatly strengthened by heaven – as Jesus had promised me in my messages.

The evil one on this night, raised me a half metre above my bed , then set me down gently near my bed. I particularly said “gently” because he probably would have loved to have let me fall, but Jesus wouldn’t allow him to do it. He wasn’t allowed to hurt me, only to scare me, and I was meant to feel his presence. That, in itself, was already enough.

The importance and meaning of the Rosary.

After that I had rest and peace for a while during the following nights. I could catch up on m y sleep and experienced the next attack on the night of 8 April, 2015. This showed me the importance of praying the Rosary. I hovered vertically, and below me were all the demons that groped at me. I prayed the rosary and always when I prayed this intensely and reverently, the demons could not do anything to me and I was outside the danger zone. They couldn’t grope for me then. But if I let up during the prayer and stopped concentrating, then I fell down and the demons were able to grab my feet. I immediately prayed again more intensely in order to escape them groping for me.


On the night of 16 April 2015 ( birthday of Pope Benedict XVI ) my soul had an experience that I would never ever wish on anyone. In this dream, I had moved into a new house with my family.

It was a beautiful house, but it was said that there was a ghost here, called Gabrielle. I stood up above near the stairs. My sister was already there to look at her room, and in the moment when I thought that hopefully the ghost would never let itself be seen, it appeared in its ugliness and viciousness , as I have previously never experienced . It was Gabrielle. But at that moment, I knew that it was Jezebel. It was communicated to me in spirit. She grinned at me spitefully angry and her eyes shone like the colour of brown amber. One could even imagine a little, that she was once a beautiful woman. She had a slightly rounder face, long tousled hair, grey and decaying and a demonic appearance, full of ugliness, spitefulness and wickedness.
It was frightening that she took so much glee in being spiteful. She got right into it. She wasn’t allowed to do anything to me, even though I felt as if she would have loved to hurt me, but Jesus would not allow it. For this, I was very happy and thankful.



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