Transferring Saints’ relics to Rome for Year of Mercy – the real agenda.

From the editor: This announcement back  in July reminded me of the time when the B of R (in Oct. 2013), organized the transfer of Our Lady of Fatima to Rome. He supposedly was going to do a consecration – he said a prayer but no mention of the word “consecrate” or anything like it. Then before it took place Jesus gave a message (Aug. 14, 2013 in the Book of Truth Volume 4) re the real reason for this transfer of Our Lady:

When you honour My Mother, you must visit her Shrines and pay homage to her there”

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The original announcement about the saints’ relics

Padre Pio’s remains will be venerated in St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time2015-07-17

In accordance with Pope Francis’ wishes, the remains of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, commonly known as the Padre Pio, will be exhibited in St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time. The veneration will last from February 8th to 14th, 2016, during the Holy Year of Mercy. … Pope Francis announced the Jubilee Year of Mercy on his second anniversary as Pope, March 13th.

This is, what Patricia recently wrote ( concerning bringing the relics (St Padre Pio, St Leopold Mandic) to the Vatican.

Translated from the original:

“The Holy Spirit has been urging me for two days now to announce that the transfer of the saints, and also of the Mother of God, out of the apparition site at Fatima, the only purpose being to do it secretly and at night into the catacombs of the Vatican in order to abuse what is holy – that is, so that can be desecrated for Satanic (black) Masses, voodoo etc.

This is how the evil one wants it, and so it is practised on behalf of Bergoglio and the Freemasons.

This is especially true as regards the Mother of God who is the focus of all these perverse and diabolical objectives.

The evil one can’t bear that the Mother of God, as a woman, plays such a vehement and leading role in the end times and therefore tries everything in order to “destroy” and to insult her.

The transfer, which might seem as an upgrading for these saints, in being allocated a special place in the Vatican (as we have now come to know the adversary and his henchmen) – was only a disguise and deception.

One tries to “destroy” all the saints who play a major role in the end times and who support mankind, and who intercede for us in heaven.

The evil one, in so doing, tries to extend his time and expand his opportunities to entice even more souls to perdition, by thinking that he can weaken or destroy the power of the Saints, or at least to hinder support for souls through their intercession, prayers, support and guidance.

He has great knowledge, but only conditional knowledge.

Let us pray that our beloved saints whose support we now so urgently need, and that our most beloved Mother of Salvation, who was commissioned to lead us to her beloved Son, might be spared from all these diabolical crimes.

Oh Lord, strengthen us even more in prayer and hear our supplications to halt the desecration of our saints and our beloved Mother. We thank you. Amen”



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