Vision of the Cross in the Sky before the Illumination of Conscience

Translated from the original. The red highlights are my emphasis.

“Vision of the Cross in the sky before the Illumination of Conscience

On 18th October, 2015 I had a second vision. Shortly after the vision of the refugees, I had another vision, in which I could see the Cross very clearly and brightly shining in the sky; and that it would be seen in the sky for seven days world-wide, before the Illumination of Conscience, which would take place on the eighth day.

I experienced the Cross as very big, brightly lit up and glowing. It stirred my heart and I was quite excited. The people walked outside and were distraught. They ran backwards and forwards in confusion. Someone then shared the fact that I knew something about it. Everyone then made their way towards me.

I saw a vision of a sports stadium with a grandstand. There, the people sat down. The crowd became bigger and bigger. It spread by word of mouth that I knew something about it. A microphone was obtained quite quickly and I immediately had the task of telling the people what they had to do. I don’t even know how this happened. Here I was, as a member of the Remnant Army, in the role that I had, from time to time, undertaken previously – and for which Jesus had prepared us through all the years.

Remember that this will happen exactly like this to you as well. People will realize very quickly where you live and that you definitely know all about it, and immediately you will be standing in the crowd preaching, but the Lord will prepare you for this. (Perhaps you are now already in the preparatory phase.)

Through the vision, it was indirectly communicated to me that the Warning will come soon. Be prepared. Have no fear. The Lord will equip you with the exact graces and gifts that each of you needs to carry out the mission which the Lord had provided for each of you from the beginning. TRUST COMPLETELY IN HIM.

God bless,


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