Bergoglio and the relics of St Padre Pio and St Leopold Mandic

On February 9th, 2016, (the vigil of Ash Wednesday), Bergoglio delivered a speech to the ‘Missionaries of Mercy” – priests who would go out during this Year of Mercy.

In his speech, Bergoglio spoke of  the language of gestures – that often people can’t verbalize their sins through shame, and that the priest should give them absolution. @14m:10s

The following email was received from a fellow crusader (and blogger)– making a connection that I was not aware of:

“The other thing to note is that when this was said by the FP on Feb 9,

He did so in the presence of PADRE PIO’S BODY and ST LEOPOLD MANDIC’s body, the saint of the confessional.

So more MOCKERY !

(Those who have been to Medjugorje will know the that the statue next to the line of confessionals outside the church is St Leopold Mandic)

which ties back to Patricia’s vision of the relics of the two saints being sent to the Vatican to be mocked by the F.P.

See post “transferring Saints’ relics to Rome for Year of Mercy – the real agenda.


Pray for Us St Padre Pio and St Leopold Mandic!



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