Coconut Oil for Longevity.


Coconut oil seems to be the best oil for storing purposes.
Refined Coconut Oil lasts for 2 – 3 Months past the printed date

Virgin or Extra-virgin Coconut Oil lasts  Indefinitely.

Of course, coconut oil lasts for a shorter period of time if it is not stored properly. Containers usually have a best before date which is a date set by the manufacturer to guarantee best product quality and not an expiration date or an expression of safety.

Use your senses to determine if coconut oil has gone bad. There is always a rancid smell to spoiled oil which you will notice when opening the jar. The white oil will also begin to turn slightly yellow in color.

Virgin or extra-virgin varieties last for years after the “best-by” date, at least 3-5 and some manufacturers say it is indefinite.

Coconut oil should be stored in the pantry. It can be safely stored in either a liquid form, which it is in warmer climates (above 76°F), or in a solid state, which it is in cooler climates. Either form of storage is fine.

Coconut oil can help kill harmful bacteria and viruses,

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