Evening prayer – A Little Inspiration Sunday night 17th July, 2016


 I was saying my evening prayers “God bless mummy, daddy, k… And all our friends and family” when I suddenly had the inspiration to also ask God to bless our enemies.

Yes I have never added them into my personal family prayer before. It had never entered my mind to do that, although I do pray for lost souls at other times during the day and my personal enemies too. But this was different because He asked me to place them right beside my family.

By that God meant those in ISIS at the moment, those in the Illuminati, Rothschild, Satanists etc. At least they are who came to mind for me.

In fact as I obeyed, I felt I foresaw, or saw, (I’m not sure which) the immediate power of that transforming Love on the face of an ISIS bearded soldier, who looked gentled, transformed, with a suddenly soft expression, especially in the eyes, as if amazed by something; possibly by a feeling of Divine Love or Peace which gave that instant intuitive understanding.

Quite obviously, this was a little surprising as I have never seen a photo of an ISIS person portrayed this way before!! It is not something that I have seen in the media. (They always look very serious or hideously gleeful upon proudly accomplishing/portraying evil. ) It was like a soft photo portrait glimpse at a man’s face with a dark night background, but it felt real or ‘live’ – as if it was actually happening; although maybe elsewhere in time and space…

So the message for me at least was pretty clear- prayer for your enemies is powerful! “Do good to those who curse you”. Through prayer the world and violent souls can be transformed into peace. The more we pray, the more lovingly we ask, the greater the difference we make.

So love your enemies! And pray for God’s peace to enlighten their hearts and His Love to fill their souls! 😊


By Donna Liane

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Catholic mother of seven children. Crusade prayer warrior in Jesus' Final Mission to save souls.