Easter Miracle Oil from Australia

Here are photos and a link to the video testimony from Rita herself and actual witnesses as to what happened on Easter 2014. It happened in a small Catholic Church and is directly linked to The Mission of Salvation and The Seal of the Living God. More information on this miracle will follow soon.

Father of Love and Mercy

Click here for video testimony of the miracle 

At the Darwin venue of the Australian Mission a young lady, Rita, came forward and conveyed her incredible story relating to the ‘Seal of the icon-of-our-lady-of-australiaLiving God’. She had experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of discovering the ‘Book of Truth’ messages. She then started to spread the messages, and hand out ‘The Seal of the Living God’ far and wide.
In December of 2012, she was preparing to go to a Christmas party of the St Vincent De Paul Society in Darwin.
She decided to print off 140 Seals as that was the number of people expected at the party. Her intention was to give a ‘Seal’ to every person attending the party.
Rita was unable to print the ‘Seals’ until the day of the party. She had printed off 140 A4 sized ‘Seals’ and wanted to laminate them…

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