Crusaders Using the Talents God gave them: Mary’s Balm (Part 1)


Crusader with special talents.

Most Crusaders are pretty intent and faithful. They gather faithfully in their prayer groups; say their prayers each day; and try to save souls by whatever means they are able.

God has given us different gifts and talents. One might be a good speaker, another a good writer, some are organizers, and others get an idea which might seem quite unattainable to them at the time, but go ahead anyway. The reason is that there is a fire that burns within us and carries us through – the flame of the Holy Spirit, the flame of Love and the Flame of Truth.

There is a Crusade prayer group about 2 hours’ drive from here. In the past they had erected huge posters about the Book of Truth messages and erected them along a highway. There is amongst them, a crusader named Jim. He loves reading the story of Jesus’ and Mary’s life in the poem of the Man – God by Maria Valtorta. In this book, a balm is described which Our Lady makes and uses. The ingredients are listed.

Now this man is retired but used to be in construction – so he thought he knew about “Project management”. He wanted to make this ointment. He  came down to our Prayer Group last week to deliver  our orders, and told us his story. He and his friends in the prayer group who helped him, did not have the funds needed. They had to ask for donations. A few of us gave them a small amount a few years ago to start them off. We also had read this book, some of us many times.

He said he had no idea what he was getting into. Despite (or because of) his backgound in construction, he had no idea about websites, or knew much about the internet. He said he would type 3 pages, (with 2 fingers) and then press a button and it would be all gone.!

The idea is put into action:

Each stage proceeded with God’s providence.

He had to find someone who would formulate the ingredients. He somehow was put in touch a Professor of Pharmacology who did this. Only the ingredients listed by Our Lady were used – plus beeswax to thicken it to an ointment. The ingredients then had to be sourced, and some of them were not that common.

Then he had to find someone who would be willing to produce it. He asked for quotes from around the world. A place in Texas, USA accepted.

A few of us who contributed initially, were given a sample of a trial batch, last year. More funding was needed to start producing it.

He has to pay a few people each month to maintain the website and each month he struggles to pay the bills. He decided to put in another order. He thought thought himself, that he was mad, his wife thought he was crazy. He did not have the funds. (The object is not to make a profit). Amazingly, a friend he had not seen for a while, came to visit. He asked what he had been doing. When Jim explained, he volunteered some funds! Prayers answered!

Setting up a Trust

He is in the process of setting up a trust, with people on the board, (including a Spiritual Director) where $AU1 from each jar would be donated to the Trust – which was to go to projects/ organizations suggested by the people governing the Trust.

Scientific basis of the healing properties of the herbs used:

The herbs used, have been well researched by various scientists in studies for their medicinal properties. They all have particular strengths treating congestion, antiseptic, and pain relief. Mary’s Balm is a straightforward treatment relying on the healing qualities of these plants proven over the ages. These herbs have been formulated into a balm for anointing the body in conjunction with prayer to be applied as desired to the affected areas.

The aim is to help save souls:

Jim’s aim was to unashamedly “promote Mary, her relationship with her son, Jesus, her ability to call on him both physically and spiritually to assist her children (as in the wedding feast at Cana when Jesus changed the water into wine, and the history of miracle cures at Lourdes). This simply means, Mary the Mother of God, may be brought to the attention of many believers, agnostics and all in between.

We can ask that she bring those using her Balm to the attention of her son requesting that their physical suffering may be eased or cured. More importantly, the trust and faith of those turning to her Balm for help may result in a greater knowledge of her, allowing Mary to lead many to her Son.”

Besides being an aid to saving souls, when it is used with prayer and Faith, I believe that this ointment will be a handy medicinal aid – in the future difficult times when we do not have access to our usual products. An item to add to our preparation for the end times.

So, the message for us is –

let the Holy Spirit work within us,

and use the talents God has given us –

and use them to help Jesus save souls.


In Part 2 (to come), I will include excepts from the Poem of the Man-God, the standing of Maria Valtorta in the Church and her connection with Sts. Padre Pio and Mother Teresa as well as some testimonials from people who have used the balm, as well as a website address for you to check it out and place your orders.  The US has its own distributor – this makes sense, as that is where it is produced.


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