Crusaders using the talents God gave them: Mary’s Balm (Part 2)


In Part 1, we told of a crusader who took an enormous risk and followed what seemed to be something that could not be done by someone with his basic means and lack of any knowledge of the process except the conviction that he had to try and use the information revealed by Our Lady’s in a book revealed to a holy soul.

Our Lady and the Balm:

Knowledge of Mary’s Balm has been known on folklore over the ages, but the best information of its ingredients is found in the writings of Maria Valtorta

This balm was first used by Mary to assist Joseph, her husband – as mentioned in volume one. It volume three there is more information, with the herbs listed with which to make the balm It was urgently needed to assist a sailor who was seriously injured in a boat during a storm in Greece. He was rescued from being washed overboard by Peter, but suffered a mortal head wound. The disciples had the balm, sent by Mary before their journey, and used it on the sailor, who miraculously recovered from his wound

Medicinal Qualities of the Seven Herbs of Mary’s Balm

Mary’s Balm was a balm that Mary provided to the disciples before embarking on trips. The recipe has been recorded by Maria Valtorta, as well as the account of its miraculous, lifesaving cures. The seven herbs listed in the text are ancient remedies. They are difficult to obtain in quality amounts. We have painstakingly sourced them and combined them into this earnest replication of the ancient, significant balm.

The herbs recorded in the balm are:
Lilies, Camphor, Dittany, Resin, Cloves, Laurel, and Artemisia. This article summarises the many, many health benefits of these plants. And highlights the definite pattern of pain relief, arthritic treatment, and application to wounds and burns and skin conditions.

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Background information re Maria Valtorta

Papal Permission – Pope Pius XII

Maria Valtorta’s visions are the only Private Revelations to attain a Papal Order to Publish. Her writings were presented to Pope Pius XII on April 3rd of 1947, who examined them for eleven months. His Holiness then summoned her Spiritual Director to a special meeting in February of 1948, in which he ordered the publishing. There were 3 priests present: Fr. Romualdo Migliorini (Prefect Apostle in Africa), Fr. Corrado Berti (Professor of Dogmatic and Sacremental Theology at the Pontifical “Marianum” Theological Faculty of Rome from 1939 onward, later becoming Secretary of the Faculty from 1950 to 1959).

MOTHER TERESA and the Poem of the Man-God

Father Leo, a personal chaplain of Mother Teresa of Calcutta for 3 years, noticed that she always carried 3 books with her, where ever she went. One was a Bible and the other was her breviary. He asked about the third, and it was “Poem of the Man-God” by Maria Valtorta. He asked her what it was about, and she told him, “Read it”. He asked her again, and she responded with the same answer, “Read it”. Read more at:

Padre Pio and Maria Valtorta

St Padre Pio

Padre Pio was one of the holiest saints of the 20th Century. His insight into the usefulness of Maria Valtorta’s revelations for spiritual reading is certainly most reliable, as he was a mystic who communicated often with Our Lord and Our Lady.

When asked about Maria Valtorta’s “Poem of the Man-God”, he said: “I don’t advise you to read it – I order you to”. Padre Pio was an ardent supporter of Maria Valtorta’s writings and continued to advocate that others experience the writings for themselves.

Read more about Maria’s mystical experiences of Padre Pio at:

Excerpts from Volume Three Of Poem Of The Man God Relating To Mary’s Balm

Mary has prepared the Balm to treat one of the disciples and tells them the ingredients.

Quote: “… if he has difficulty in breathing, do as I told you, using the other little vase of balm. Take enough of it to rub on his chest, shoulders and kidneys… rub it on and cover him immediately with the woolen bands I gave you. I prepared the balm for that special purpose. And you, Syntyche, remember its composition, so that you can make more… lilies, camphor, dittany, resin and cloves with laurel, artemisia…”

A Miraculous Cure

During a storm at sea, a man is badly injured, his head split open by a falling mast. Peter is able to rescue him before he was washed overboard and takes him below to Syntyche

Quote: “Syntyche… goes to the table on which they have laid the poor man… the wound is a nasty one. The bone is laid bare from the temple to the nape…” I am going to try with Mary’s ointment” > says Syntyche…  “But that is for pains”…> objects Matthew… “Oh Mary prepared it with her own hands”, Syntyche says. “I will use it praying. Will you pray too?” Syntyche applied it to the wounded head. She then bandages it tightly with linen strips. She places a folded mantle under the head of the wounded man who seems to doze off and she sits near him praying; the others also pray.

The Captain speaks to the Apostles and the injured man

Quote: “…The injured sailor is sitting beside John of Endor… the man’s head is still dressed with a light bandage and he is pale as ivory because of the blood he has lost. But he is smiling and he speaks to those who saved him and to his companions who, as they pass, congratulate him on his return to deck… The Captain says, “I did not think he could survive after being struck by the heavy beam and by iron which made it even heavier. Demetes these people have really bought you back to life, because you were as good as dead… they cured you with their wonderful ointments. Let me see your wound > … The man undoes the bandage and shows a smooth healed scar, like a red mark from his temple to his nape, just under his hair… Nicomedes touches the mark lightly: “Even the bone is healed! …”

The Apostles return to Israel leaving the disciples in Greece.

Quote: “…Syntyche will be busier preparing ointments than working’  confirms James of Zebedee. What do you think of that ointment? What a wonderful thing! Syntyche told me that she wants to make it here and use it to become familiar with local families, says John. A very good idea “a sick person who is cured always becomes a disciple and their relatives follow suit”, states Matthew.


Prayer is an important component (even though the individual ingredients all have been proven to be very effective.

Follow the example of the disciples who gathered and prayed around the injured man (even though Matthew objected that the ointment was only for pain. When Syntyche said that it was made by Mary’s hands, they gathered to pray. It is suggested that you pray the Rosary on behalf of those being anointed with Mary’s Balm. Mention the name of the person being prayed for and your intentions at the beginning of the Rosary.



(It’s only early days and the following are only sketchy outlines.

  • Jim has a relative who is an unbeliever, but he dipped his forefinger in the ointment and dabbed it on a little spot that he had on the side of his temple,  that he was a little worried about. Three days later he exclaimed to Jim that it was gone – completely disappeared


  • Another elderly lady in his prayer group was due to have knee reconstruction of both knees. She was in a lot of pain continually. She could not avoid it – it had to be done. She started to rub in the ointment and pray, as suggested by the instructions. After a certain while, she went to her Doctor and said she didn’t want the surgery as she had no more pain!


  • Another man was involved with a complicated copyright legal battle. He hadn’t slept for days. He felt he had to do something – he desperately needed sleep. He rubbed a little ointment on his temples, and he slept soundly all night.

These testimonials are only from the first few weeks of the balm’s release.


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So the message is:

1) Encourage people (who need healing) to use the balm

and so bring them to our Blessed Mother. It can be a great conversion tool.

2) Stock up in preparation for your end-time medicinal needs – when normal medicines and ointments will not be available.


It is a heavenly remedy

made available for our (end) times!

God’s timing is perfect!!


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