Crusade Prayer Group at Marpingen – Marian shrine


statol-of-marpingenWords of the Mother of God in Marpingen at the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Prayer Group) meeting on 16th July, 2016.

(Patricia is a co-ordinator of  crusade prayer groups  and organizes a general meeting each month at a different venue. The venue she chose in July was Marpingen. See introductory post on Marpingen at : )

(Translated from the original):

Beloved Children of my Heart,

How happy is your Mother that you came here to the Immaculate Heart of Mary* meeting in Marpingen.

The littlest of all my little ones, you did not let go of my hand, as I led you, the smallest of my Remnant Army here. You are courageous, Sealsteadfast and loyal.

Despite this my heart is sorrowful, because my much beloved Son is bleeding.

He bleeds, He suffers. He suffers so terribly. In your wildest imagination, you could not imagine how much My most beloved Son suffers. He is crucified over and over again.

You can’t recognize the pain in my heart. I have already had to experience it once. I am reliving it again, again am I enduring it. Again is He abandoned! Again is He alone!

My little ones, that have come here, I am leading you during these times and I implore you, with the love of my heart: Say “Yes” to my beloved Son. Don’t only say “yes” now and tomorrow and during the time while you are here in your world, in comfort, in this time of your homely peace – here where it is not so difficult to say “yes” to the Lord – and even here many, many have already given up and are going on a different path, and don’t have the patience or endurance that is needed to stand by my Lord – my beloved Son – and to console Him.

Learn to say “yes” in a time that is still to come upon you. A time, that has never been here before, and never will be again. A time when you are able to prove how much you love my Son. A time when brother will fight against brother, and sister against sister. They will deliver you, they will condemn you to death.

My dearest children, don’t give up, don’t be discouraged, don’t walk away. We are all with you – every second, if you so wish. Beg, pray, plead with us. We will come immediately. We are just waiting to hurry to your aid.

Do not be discouraged – at a time when still more will be taken from you. Trust in My Beloved Son. He has everything in hand. He, who was the Victor of the world, He, who soon will come again, in order to rescue you, to redeem you; He, who will shorten time, He Who will hold you close to His loving heart when you listen to Him, when you trust in Him, when you ask Him.

Don’t abandon Him, who is already abandoned. Comfort Him, wipe His tears.

The whole of heaven above weeps, weeps, weeps, because God the Father weeps; because God the Father can no longer be comforted; because God the Father suffers. How He suffers!

His creatures, His dearest children, whom he created in order to bring back home. How far they still are from Him – as far away, as they have never been before!

One person kills another. They don’t recognize any God. They worship satan.

The worst part is: My priest-sons, how far have they fallen from the Faith. My priest-sons, whom I love above all else, to whom I spoke over and over again, whom I begged again and again: instruct your parishioners, instruct your faithful, your little sheep. They didn’t hear – and now- where are they? It saddens my heart unceasingly, they on whom the Lord depended… he was so disappointed, so disappointed that He took his children from the laity, so that they take over the tasks of my priest-sons: My children gather, like chicks, so that they can find room under my mantle. This way, they are preserved and protected by my Immaculate Heart, so that I can gather them all and carry them to my Son, because they said “yes” to Him.

Your mission will be to talk of my Son to mankind – and what He did out of love for you. He Who redeemed you – He who is your redemption and salvation; He Who carried His Cross perseveringly to the end out of endless love for you… out of an unmeasurable and infinite love, that He has until today; that He will always have.

Do you have it also – this Love? Will you work on it, will you have this trust, will you put all your, Hope, Love and Faith in My beloved Son? Will you stand by Him? When He will be chased out of His own churches, when he will be thrown out of his home and His own tabernacles?

Everything is prepared. The upstart who sits in the Vatican – on the chair where our beloved Peter sits, where our beloved Holy father, our Benedict should be seated – this upstart who will not now turn back; who has already chosen his path, this upstart, who has already prepared everything… together with satan. The antichrist is ready to spring.

Children, don’t wait, don’t wait! Time is leaving you behind, Time is getting away from you. Use every minute, every day and fight for my beloved Son – with prayers, but also with deeds.

Beg my beloved Son that He will work in you, that He should speak for you, that He should act through you, that He should love through you, that your hands are merciful and also your thoughts, your words and your speech. Fight, fight as you have never fought before!

Again and again I come to this world – in humility. Not many see me, but I keep my promise: that I will always appear again in the places where I have already been. It is only to small groups that I appear, and no longer to masses of people – but I do appear!

The Lord always keeps His word, even here in Marpingen. I am here also, here today.  I see you. Although my heart is so sorrowful, it is today full of joy, because I see a really little flock, that was still able to find its way here, that didn’t let itself be stopped.

But I have to tell you: you still have much to do. You still have a lot to do. Don’t ever give up. You have received everything you need, and you will receive here still much more.

Lift your hand! Take the spiritual sword. Pull it out and yell out, that you want to fight for my beloved Son, that you don’t want to give up, that you want to stand by Him, that you want to dry His tears, that you want to stroke his head; that you want to take Him in your arms, that you do not want to abandon Him.

Now, when you have said your loud “yes” each day – we are here to help you. You have received so much and you will still receive so much more. You are never alone, never.

I beg you from the bottom of my loving Heart. I, your Mother, your Advocate, the one who will lead you to my Son; I, your mother, who at the end of time will crush the head of the serpent; I, your Mother, promise you – I am always here.

Always when you are feeling down, when you are feeling sad, and even when you love and laugh, don’t forget your Mother. She can do much for you. She can intercede with her beloved Son. She accompanies you, she envelops you.

My Son has given me a great mission, that in humility and Love accepted and His plan will become reality, every second, every minute, every day.

The plan for the End Times, for His second coming, will be realized.

He has EVERYTHING in hand and He will bring home those who belong to Him. HELP Him with this, help Him.

This I beg of you my beloved children.

I thank you.


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“Immaculate Heart of Mary” -(literally “Heart of Mary” – ‘Herzmariens’ ) is the name of Patricia’s prayer group.

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The Lord speaks through Patricia


Translated from the Original

Our Lord spoke through me for the first time to everybody at the apparition village of  Bad Sankt Leonhard on the 26.04.2016. Today I received in my heart the instruction to provide you the text of His loving words to be made available for your strengthening.  

I don’t myself know what, and how the Lord imparted this to me, but for the most part, the text was recorded and written down and then placed in the apostolate’s website. I just ask you here too, for a little patience.

24th April, 2016 at St Leonhard, Kärnten in Austria. 

Because no-one had expected that Jesus would speak at the prayer group meeting, the first few sentences are missing  – until the recorder was turned on.

“… and in the fields, it ( love?) should grow, day by day. I, the Lord, who loves you above everything, Who doesn’t neglect  a single child,  Who loves all of His children above all. A love that you cannot imagine, a love which is unfathomable, that can’t be measured, a love which I show you each day. How often you don’t see it. How often you don’t feel it.

 Learn it, learn to feel My love, the whole of my love, which spills over from My Heart, from My great heart, from which blood and water flowed over the whole world, over each of my children. Accept this love. This Love covers you, it warms you. This Love takes you in the arms, like a mother takes her child in her arms, rocks it, protects it and caresses it. That is my Love, my beloved children, My Remnant Army. From the beginning I have had you in my plan; from the beginning I have drawn into the plan all the tasks I have given you, the grace, and the gifts you received from Me.

You said ‘yes’ . I thank you for that. I thank you, that you are prepared  to take on this great task.  I will give you everything you need so that you can accomplish it – that you can last to the end, so that you can give Me the greatest gift that I long for so. My children, my children, for whom I died and redeemed, through My  death, through My  agony, and through My suffering. I was never able to say no, when my Father asked. And it makes Me so sad that some of My children will not say  ‘yes’. Help me to guide these children to Me, that they can accept My Mercy, that they trust me like a child trusts his father – blind trust. You can’t give me a greater gift.

Trust is the greatest gift.

My children fight, learn to fight. All these years, during which we have been together, bound together by the “Book of Truth”, I have given to you as a gift so many words from My heart. My beloved Mother, who always fights for you, for your soul’s salvation, who has appeared repeatedly, who was repeatedly sent, even here, here to this village yesterday, who appeared in order to lead you to love – she, who stands by My side, who will lead you to Me. Please accept this gift. Take her hand, don’t let go of her hand anymore. My Mother will lead you to Me, if you wish. She, the Co-Redemptrix, she, who plays a very, very big role in the plan of salvation, she, who protects and keeps you under her mantle.

But always only if you say “Yes” – if you want to. I never force you against your will. Never!  Come to me and ask. I would give you everything, all my treasures, if you would  only ask. Pride and arrogance stand in the way.

 Don’t make this mistake. Be humble. Stay humble. Repent of your sins. Confess. Be faithful to me as I was always faithful to you and always will be. I will lead you to the Father, for this is my goal. He, the Father, Who created you because He wanted a family – each one of you – He Who created each one of you with the greatest love, begot each one of you.  There, where the beginning of your being was through the Father, there also will be your happy, joyful end. In the Father’s bosom you will reach your destination. Be aware of this, day by day, follow this path step by step. It won’t be long. Everything will happen quickly. Be ready my dearest children. Take Me into the depths of your hearts.  I am Life for you, the Living Water, the Bread. Only through Me, can you experience the rest, salvation and the forgiveness of sins in your hearts. Take Me into the depths of your hearts.  This, I beg of you”


Another Dream about the Antichrist on the 26th April, 2016


Translated from the Original

6th May, 2016

On the night of 26th April, 2016, I received a further, very significant dream / vision of the antichrist. It was supposed to show me that the appearance of the antichrist is very close.

 I was present at a political meeting, a kind of parliament. All were waiting for a particular person. I knew it was supposed to be the antichrist. I kept watching the people, whether he was one of them, but I could not sense that he was present at that moment. I stood in this hall in the aisle and was surrounded by many political people who were pretending to be very busy. I watched them. Again and again, my gaze met with others, but I knew that none of them was the antichrist.

Then a person approached me He was searching for me, and I was informed in a dream that this person knew me. It was a gentleman in a brown suit with a mandarin collar and buttoned up jacket. This man was standing directly opposite me and was of medium height, had brownish skin and black hair and eyes. He could come from the area of the Middle East, but you could not see exactly from which country he came. It could have been Israel, Syria, Libya etc.  

In the dream, the right side of the face of this man had been “zoomed in” on, especially his eye. That was supposed to show me that he is the antichrist because his eye was full of falsehood and evil. Since there was only one half of the face, I was told in the spirit that he was not yet completely evil  i.e. not yet out in the open.  

No one could recognize the antichrist in him because he was friendly and charming. But he has already been shown to me. I had already been shown the evil and I could see it from the side of the face i.e. I had already seen it in his eye. 

Just as Jesus, in time, was filled with the Holy Spirit more and more through the years, and taught by Him -so should the zooming-in of the right side of the face of the antichrist tell me that he would become increasingly evil and would change his being and his eyes, and would become even worse.  

The evil spirit of his father, satan, would increasingly surround him, and penetrate him. As a child learns more and more from the Father and is trained, so will the antichrist increasingly be influenced and educated by the spirit of evil. 

The dream ended with the antichrist standing opposite me, and I could read his thoughts: he knew about me and my work, and about my battle for the salvation of souls; about my loyalty to the Lord; and that the antichrist would be given the assignment to have me and my family killed. 


 P.S. See Patricia’s first dream about the antichrist at:

Vision on 5th March, 2016 of the Massive Attacks of Hell during the Chastisement


On the 5th March, 2016, I had a dream during the night – i.e. a vision –   during which, and upon awakening, gave me a fright. My soul experienced a massive attack of demons in the end times, as well as during the 1290 days of the tribulation.

Just as in a whirlpool in which one is no longer master of the situation, and no longer has any power or control over oneself, I was thrown back and forth, lost the floor beneath my feet and was just a plaything of the violence that came from demons who were trying to pull me with them into Hell. The force behind it was very powerful , unpredictable and barely able to be controlled. I became disoriented and panicked because I was in a constant battle with the demons .

The demons  with the ugliest faces, raced consecutively, at top speed towards me . They kept coming  – each uglier and more frightening than the other , over and over again. They came towards my face and body at top speed and disappeared – going through me. The eyes shone a bluish- white and met me with pure hatred. At the same time, I experienced the demons that turned into animals, e.g. wolves, werewolves, sabre-toothed tigers, bears and a type of panther or something similar – carnivorous , dangerous and vicious animals that were only out to rip me apart  and drag me with them into perdition.

Even with these animals I was in a constant  battle. I did not know against whom I should defend myself first because I was swirled through the air, was never with my feet on the ground, and the attacks came from all sides, because the battles took place in the air. Again and again I was pulled down, or was dragged by them from all sides.

 Again and again I tried to defend myself.  Again and again I fought back with prayer – THE ROSARY and I became entangled in the chaos. I prayed the Rosary continually, without interruption. If I even stopped briefly, I would be pulled down into perdition. Apparently they were trying to drag me with them into Hell. In all the chaos, I saw my loved ones, my siblings, and my mother, who all experienced the exact same thing.

What astounded me, was that I was in a little chapel with a family friend, a priest, who had passed away in 1995. I felt that he wanted to help us, but a huge werewolf was on its way towards him, in order to stop him. I wondered what he still had to do here with the battle. I knew from the words of my mother*, that, at the time, he was taken quickly up to heaven. What was he doing here then, and why was he involved in the battle? Later I found out that our loved ones who have died, will try to stand by us in the end times, and then, in exactly the same way, they will be stopped by the demons from helping us. (Editor: * Patricia’s mother receives locutions).

So, in the chaos , I saw my brothers and sisters and all my loved ones who were in danger of being pulled down and perishing. I kept screaming at them that they must pray the Rosary – CONTINUALLY. During the pauses in the sentences, when I could NOT pray the Rosary, they kept  trying to pull me back down to perdition , so I immediately again continued to pray the Rosary of our Mother . Everything was really bad. I woke up amidst all the horrors, and when I fell back asleep, the dream continued. IT’S A BATTLE – A FINAL BATTLE – A  SPIRITUAL FINAL BATTLE.

I related  the vision to my brothers and sisters in the Remnant Army in order to  alert them, and as a warning,  on the 5th March at our Immaculate Heart of Mary meeting in Altӧtting, because I knew that the Lord wished that I pass on this experience.

My conclusion of the experience can be explained  that in the Endtimes,  during the 1290 days as described in Daniel, the battle of the demons will reach its climax when the  demons drag many souls with them into the abyss.  We will perish WITHOUT the prayer of the ROSARY. The SORROWFUL Mysteries of the Rosary are the most powerful  defence against the demons and the evil one.

It was a  shocking vision , but at the same time it was a caution  for us  to remain in constant  intense prayer. It was also a caring assistance from the Lord to allow me to experience this, so that I can pass it on to the Remnant Army , which in turn, has also the duty to pass it on to all.

Lord we thank you for all your love and care . Who is like God?

Patricia,   16th March, 2016

Vision of the Cross in the Sky before the Illumination of Conscience

Translated from the original. The red highlights are my emphasis.

“Vision of the Cross in the sky before the Illumination of Conscience

On 18th October, 2015 I had a second vision. Shortly after the vision of the refugees, I had another vision, in which I could see the Cross very clearly and brightly shining in the sky; and that it would be seen in the sky for seven days world-wide, before the Illumination of Conscience, which would take place on the eighth day.

I experienced the Cross as very big, brightly lit up and glowing. It stirred my heart and I was quite excited. The people walked outside and were distraught. They ran backwards and forwards in confusion. Someone then shared the fact that I knew something about it. Everyone then made their way towards me.

I saw a vision of a sports stadium with a grandstand. There, the people sat down. The crowd became bigger and bigger. It spread by word of mouth that I knew something about it. A microphone was obtained quite quickly and I immediately had the task of telling the people what they had to do. I don’t even know how this happened. Here I was, as a member of the Remnant Army, in the role that I had, from time to time, undertaken previously – and for which Jesus had prepared us through all the years.

Remember that this will happen exactly like this to you as well. People will realize very quickly where you live and that you definitely know all about it, and immediately you will be standing in the crowd preaching, but the Lord will prepare you for this. (Perhaps you are now already in the preparatory phase.)

Through the vision, it was indirectly communicated to me that the Warning will come soon. Be prepared. Have no fear. The Lord will equip you with the exact graces and gifts that each of you needs to carry out the mission which the Lord had provided for each of you from the beginning. TRUST COMPLETELY IN HIM.

God bless,


Patricia’s vision about the refugees 18th October, 2015

Translated from the original.

Beloved brothers and sisters,
I noticed that the asylum and refugee question is on your mind and that you are very worried and concerned about it.

This forces me now to share with you a vision which I received on 18/10/2015 , and the explanation by the Lord. I had hoped that this could be avoided , and I myself never desired to broach the subject , but apparently it is now desired and willed by heaven , and here I want to be completely obedient to the will of the Lord .

On 18/10/2015, at around 10.30 am, I walked to my Sunday church attendance over the church courtyard, towards one of the entrances. I was told at that moment, by those who accompanied me, that I walked directly over the refugees. I wondered about this statement – then let me explain that just beneath the square, was a large space, which accommodated about 70-80 refugees who slept on mattresses and who are well cared for there. .

During the last few days I learned repeatedly from the responsible priest in his sermons, about his enthusiasm that the Church had taken on refugees, and he motivated the churchgoers to support them, to offer them help and to receive them in faith and in charity.

He found himself motivated in this new role of evangelizing. The topic was – as I already myself had heard and learned from my friends – repeatedly mentioned every day and especially in the sermons of priests and the matter reopened . I could feel how he threw himself wholeheartedly into this role.

The Lord gave me the vision of future impending dramatic events exactly where I had the image of the refugees sitting underneath us, so to speak, sitting under the ground. He explained to me why he just took this symbolic image of the refugees sitting ” below ” i.e. where they live. He said, so that I can imagine it more easily and clearly, that the people (there are mostly men) coming from “hell” (hence sitting below!), waiting for the command of the adversary.

The people are tools of the adversary (the evil one) and the image is symbolic of those who will obey him.

The adversary has managed to station his assistants in the European countries, especially Germany, through his satanic forces and politicians, but also in other European countries and this once again under the guise of charity, of social behaviour, hospitality etc.

They are all only waiting for the command when the time comes.

Now they are still persisting, letting themselves be cared for and helped, and keeping relatively quiet. Now and again, one of them becomes conscious of the evangelizing and even appears to deceive and pretend to be converted.

By this is meant that the tools of the adversary were instructed by him to repeatedly let the priests think that they are allowing themselves to be evangelized. They are in no way interested in this and are actually forbidden to do this by their own people. It is only a refined tactic and an appearance. So they let the priest believe that he is successful, stroking his ego, his pride and his ambition and so motivate him to open up more and build up his confidence.

When the time comes they will come out of their rooms and living quarters, occupy churches, remove and destroy statues, destroy everything, murder priests, and rip the tabernacle out and kill the Lord by stepping on Him, and more. Everyone who tries to protect the Lord, will be murdered.

They will cut off the hand that feds them, protected them and which invited them into the country and into our religion. They will destroy the people and all that is holy and Catholic until total destruction and removal of our Lord Jesus Christ is achieved.

As I write this, the tears are running down my face and the pain in my heart is enormous. It is the pain of the Lord who is killed over and over again.

Unfortunately, I myself have such a situation in my inner circle of friends. It is dramatic to watch how blind this priest is in his own ambition – to believe that he can evangelize the mother who was one day standing with her child before the rectory. We learned it from the words of Jesus Him self – that the adversary personally placed into the rectory , a woman with child disguised as needy – as a pretense and to divert attention from his real objective . The destruction!

As Christianity is destroyed from the inside out, as well as the Vatican from within, and as our town and village churches will be destroyed from the inside out by our own people (politics and church) – so to speak, evil, (the destroyer of our religion and of Our Lord and Master), will be invited in by us, ourselves.

Perhaps it may seem harsh to some, what I have written, but I cannot deny the truth that the Lord has given me, and I shall not hide it from you. He has now decided this, and He has commanded haste. The urge to write it down was intense in the last two days although I haven’t given it a thought since mid-October, and had even repressed it and was hoping I would never have to tell you.

There are some in the Remnant Army, who for a long time have had a dream where men come and want to break up the tabernacle, and in defence of the Lord, they die as martyrs. My mother had this dream decades ago and did not know if, and when, this would happen.

Two years ago, she was asked by the Lord if she would die for him. She said yes. I know that the time is not long now. I had a dream some time ago in which Our Lord , told me that the time until then would be 50-100 days. I do not want to tell you the month that I had the dream, but what are 50-100 days?

Beloved brothers and sisters, do you understand why I asked the Lord that I would not have to tell you? But the Lord wishes it that you are told. What he does not want – on any account – is that you have any anger, resentment or even hatred of others, especially of the refugees. The Lord allows all this – and you know why.

We must endure the darkest and worst low, that the world has ever seen or will again experience, so that they will be uplifted by God the Father in the light of his Son, and then lights up and shines in eternity, in all the peace and joy that we will have in the New Jerusalem. And He will dry all the tears that we have shed, and He will not forget any of our tears. Believe and trust!

In infinite love for you, and with strength in numbers and in prayer, we bravely follow the path – is it not so? And we take everyone with us on this, so that no one is left behind.

Your Patricia

Transferring Saints’ relics to Rome for Year of Mercy – the real agenda.

From the editor: This announcement back  in July reminded me of the time when the B of R (in Oct. 2013), organized the transfer of Our Lady of Fatima to Rome. He supposedly was going to do a consecration – he said a prayer but no mention of the word “consecrate” or anything like it. Then before it took place Jesus gave a message (Aug. 14, 2013 in the Book of Truth Volume 4) re the real reason for this transfer of Our Lady:

When you honour My Mother, you must visit her Shrines and pay homage to her there”

Read it all here:

The original announcement about the saints’ relics

Padre Pio’s remains will be venerated in St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time2015-07-17

In accordance with Pope Francis’ wishes, the remains of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, commonly known as the Padre Pio, will be exhibited in St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time. The veneration will last from February 8th to 14th, 2016, during the Holy Year of Mercy. … Pope Francis announced the Jubilee Year of Mercy on his second anniversary as Pope, March 13th.

This is, what Patricia recently wrote ( concerning bringing the relics (St Padre Pio, St Leopold Mandic) to the Vatican.

Translated from the original:

“The Holy Spirit has been urging me for two days now to announce that the transfer of the saints, and also of the Mother of God, out of the apparition site at Fatima, the only purpose being to do it secretly and at night into the catacombs of the Vatican in order to abuse what is holy – that is, so that can be desecrated for Satanic (black) Masses, voodoo etc.

This is how the evil one wants it, and so it is practised on behalf of Bergoglio and the Freemasons.

This is especially true as regards the Mother of God who is the focus of all these perverse and diabolical objectives.

The evil one can’t bear that the Mother of God, as a woman, plays such a vehement and leading role in the end times and therefore tries everything in order to “destroy” and to insult her.

The transfer, which might seem as an upgrading for these saints, in being allocated a special place in the Vatican (as we have now come to know the adversary and his henchmen) – was only a disguise and deception.

One tries to “destroy” all the saints who play a major role in the end times and who support mankind, and who intercede for us in heaven.

The evil one, in so doing, tries to extend his time and expand his opportunities to entice even more souls to perdition, by thinking that he can weaken or destroy the power of the Saints, or at least to hinder support for souls through their intercession, prayers, support and guidance.

He has great knowledge, but only conditional knowledge.

Let us pray that our beloved saints whose support we now so urgently need, and that our most beloved Mother of Salvation, who was commissioned to lead us to her beloved Son, might be spared from all these diabolical crimes.

Oh Lord, strengthen us even more in prayer and hear our supplications to halt the desecration of our saints and our beloved Mother. We thank you. Amen”