Vision of the Cross in the Sky before the Illumination of Conscience

Translated from the original. The red highlights are my emphasis.

“Vision of the Cross in the sky before the Illumination of Conscience

On 18th October, 2015 I had a second vision. Shortly after the vision of the refugees, I had another vision, in which I could see the Cross very clearly and brightly shining in the sky; and that it would be seen in the sky for seven days world-wide, before the Illumination of Conscience, which would take place on the eighth day.

I experienced the Cross as very big, brightly lit up and glowing. It stirred my heart and I was quite excited. The people walked outside and were distraught. They ran backwards and forwards in confusion. Someone then shared the fact that I knew something about it. Everyone then made their way towards me.

I saw a vision of a sports stadium with a grandstand. There, the people sat down. The crowd became bigger and bigger. It spread by word of mouth that I knew something about it. A microphone was obtained quite quickly and I immediately had the task of telling the people what they had to do. I don’t even know how this happened. Here I was, as a member of the Remnant Army, in the role that I had, from time to time, undertaken previously – and for which Jesus had prepared us through all the years.

Remember that this will happen exactly like this to you as well. People will realize very quickly where you live and that you definitely know all about it, and immediately you will be standing in the crowd preaching, but the Lord will prepare you for this. (Perhaps you are now already in the preparatory phase.)

Through the vision, it was indirectly communicated to me that the Warning will come soon. Be prepared. Have no fear. The Lord will equip you with the exact graces and gifts that each of you needs to carry out the mission which the Lord had provided for each of you from the beginning. TRUST COMPLETELY IN HIM.

God bless,



Transferring Saints’ relics to Rome for Year of Mercy – the real agenda.

From the editor: This announcement back  in July reminded me of the time when the B of R (in Oct. 2013), organized the transfer of Our Lady of Fatima to Rome. He supposedly was going to do a consecration – he said a prayer but no mention of the word “consecrate” or anything like it. Then before it took place Jesus gave a message (Aug. 14, 2013 in the Book of Truth Volume 4) re the real reason for this transfer of Our Lady:

When you honour My Mother, you must visit her Shrines and pay homage to her there”

Read it all here:

The original announcement about the saints’ relics

Padre Pio’s remains will be venerated in St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time2015-07-17

In accordance with Pope Francis’ wishes, the remains of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, commonly known as the Padre Pio, will be exhibited in St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time. The veneration will last from February 8th to 14th, 2016, during the Holy Year of Mercy. … Pope Francis announced the Jubilee Year of Mercy on his second anniversary as Pope, March 13th.

This is, what Patricia recently wrote ( concerning bringing the relics (St Padre Pio, St Leopold Mandic) to the Vatican.

Translated from the original:

“The Holy Spirit has been urging me for two days now to announce that the transfer of the saints, and also of the Mother of God, out of the apparition site at Fatima, the only purpose being to do it secretly and at night into the catacombs of the Vatican in order to abuse what is holy – that is, so that can be desecrated for Satanic (black) Masses, voodoo etc.

This is how the evil one wants it, and so it is practised on behalf of Bergoglio and the Freemasons.

This is especially true as regards the Mother of God who is the focus of all these perverse and diabolical objectives.

The evil one can’t bear that the Mother of God, as a woman, plays such a vehement and leading role in the end times and therefore tries everything in order to “destroy” and to insult her.

The transfer, which might seem as an upgrading for these saints, in being allocated a special place in the Vatican (as we have now come to know the adversary and his henchmen) – was only a disguise and deception.

One tries to “destroy” all the saints who play a major role in the end times and who support mankind, and who intercede for us in heaven.

The evil one, in so doing, tries to extend his time and expand his opportunities to entice even more souls to perdition, by thinking that he can weaken or destroy the power of the Saints, or at least to hinder support for souls through their intercession, prayers, support and guidance.

He has great knowledge, but only conditional knowledge.

Let us pray that our beloved saints whose support we now so urgently need, and that our most beloved Mother of Salvation, who was commissioned to lead us to her beloved Son, might be spared from all these diabolical crimes.

Oh Lord, strengthen us even more in prayer and hear our supplications to halt the desecration of our saints and our beloved Mother. We thank you. Amen”


Attacks of the Evil One: Part IV

Translated from the original.

Attacks of the Evil One Part 4:

During the nights of Good Friday and Holy Saturday, as on the 4/4/15, I experienced another attack, which however, didn’t bother me as much, although it was strong, but I was apparently greatly strengthened by heaven – as Jesus had promised me in my messages.

The evil one on this night, raised me a half metre above my bed , then set me down gently near my bed. I particularly said “gently” because he probably would have loved to have let me fall, but Jesus wouldn’t allow him to do it. He wasn’t allowed to hurt me, only to scare me, and I was meant to feel his presence. That, in itself, was already enough.

The importance and meaning of the Rosary.

After that I had rest and peace for a while during the following nights. I could catch up on m y sleep and experienced the next attack on the night of 8 April, 2015. This showed me the importance of praying the Rosary. I hovered vertically, and below me were all the demons that groped at me. I prayed the rosary and always when I prayed this intensely and reverently, the demons could not do anything to me and I was outside the danger zone. They couldn’t grope for me then. But if I let up during the prayer and stopped concentrating, then I fell down and the demons were able to grab my feet. I immediately prayed again more intensely in order to escape them groping for me.


On the night of 16 April 2015 ( birthday of Pope Benedict XVI ) my soul had an experience that I would never ever wish on anyone. In this dream, I had moved into a new house with my family.

It was a beautiful house, but it was said that there was a ghost here, called Gabrielle. I stood up above near the stairs. My sister was already there to look at her room, and in the moment when I thought that hopefully the ghost would never let itself be seen, it appeared in its ugliness and viciousness , as I have previously never experienced . It was Gabrielle. But at that moment, I knew that it was Jezebel. It was communicated to me in spirit. She grinned at me spitefully angry and her eyes shone like the colour of brown amber. One could even imagine a little, that she was once a beautiful woman. She had a slightly rounder face, long tousled hair, grey and decaying and a demonic appearance, full of ugliness, spitefulness and wickedness.
It was frightening that she took so much glee in being spiteful. She got right into it. She wasn’t allowed to do anything to me, even though I felt as if she would have loved to hurt me, but Jesus would not allow it. For this, I was very happy and thankful.


Attacks of the Evil One Part 1

The following ( the first of more to come) is the story of a Crusade Prayer Group member from the other side of the world from  here. The following is a translation from the original.

Dear Remnant Army,
I want to prepare you for the many and violent attacks that may occur in the near future or even now can happen to each of you.

I experience violent attacks continually, especially before, or after a prayer group meeting, but this time it really was especially bad. The adversary had tried everything to prevent me going to S (place) to meet the other participants there, let alone talk about the Book of Truth.

After two hours of driving I noticed on the highway, that my car was slowing down, and the warning light lit up. I stopped on the hard shoulder of the road. The engine was smoking , the rubber caps on the spark flew up and there was the stench from the engine.

We ended up having to organize for roadside assistance to come, with whom I had become a member, in the hope of saving the costs of technicians . The Roadside assistance mechanic tried to figure out why the car had come to a standstill, and realized after a short time that the engine was ruined and that there was nothing he could do.

The smell was terrible and the engine was smoking. There were no warning signs beforehand. I had bought the car (2009 model) as a used car and had only had it for just over a year. I had it serviced regularly, and had a service done only a month earlier. I also regularly checked the oil and water .

We organized for Roadside Assistance to tow the car to the nearest Hyundai workshop. From there we were only able to take a taxi to the nearby airport to rent a car there. As it was the 1st of May the airport was the only place that we would have been able to rent a car.

It was found after a few days that the motor was completely destroyed and there was absolutely no more water in the engine. Likewise, the new spark plugs and cylinder head were destroyed – one wonders how all this could happen.

I have now heard from the 4th expert that he had never seen anything like it.
I unfortunately can’t explain it because I do not know. I just know that I received help and support. I hope and pray that I continue to receive this necessary assistance, especially now in my serious concern to continue with the Immaculate Heart of Mary apostolate.

Please pray your Rosary diligently, because this is a very powerful weapon and a great power against the adversary. Have your car blessed so that you will be spared from such a loss. The adversary spares nothing in order to harm us.

In Part 2, I will tell you of the attacks of the adversary, that you may be somewhat prepared. Jesus asked me to pass this on to you.

God bless you and our Mother hold you firmly in her embrace, and held securely in her protective mantle, so that nothing will happen to you.

Your Patricia

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The Warning and the One World Religion


After I had read through message 1287, I queried the statement “a confusion of such magnitude will stir amongst all Christian faiths, that many will desert me…” . sad and desperate, why will the confusion after the Warning be so great in terms of the One World Religion, when during the Warning, each person had come to know Jesus Christ and had seen Him and received wisdom respectively from Christianity and the Catholic Faith?

Jesus explained:
After the Warning, the people will be in such a state of joy, euphoria and motivation that they have come to know Jesus Christ, that they will turn, accept this one true religion and convert to the Catholic faith. In their unsuspecting and unconscious blindness and their ignorance of the one, true religion- that is to say, of the original Catholic faith according to the teachings of Jesus – they will run to the prepared, false one-world religion.

They will be led like sheep to the slaughter, and walk through the One World Religion to their catastrophic misfortune.
For this purpose, an image was put into my head:

And so children, with joyful anticipation and suspense, entered a new fairground. The gates were open wide, and at the entrances were clowns and funnily- disguised fairground staff who invited the children at the top of their voices to enter and have fun at the new attraction. The children raced without thinking, in an uncontrolled manner, enthusiastically inside and didn’t know into what dangers they placed themselves.

Unfortunately, this will also apply to the new One World Religion. The adversary, with his helpers, had refined and ingeniously prepared the new “religion” and then right on the day of the Warning were standing by, ready to lead people on the false path and to deceive them by issuing the new religion as the true religion and teachings of Christ.

Unfortunately, many priests will also be deceived and their flocks led on this path.

Then, and at that moment we – the Remnant Army – must in turn, use all our strength and all our love of Jesus to work towards, and counteract it.!!

Jesus relies on us to lead people, in His Name, on the true path, to tell them the Truth and to pluck them from the madness of the false religion. We must use all our strength to educate the priests and all the people.

See the excerpt from the message 1287 which, amongst other things, is meant for the Remnant Army:
“…It is because of these things to come that I give those of you who truly love Me, the Graces to help Me to save God’s children from this great abomination, soon to rear its ugly head. Accept my gifts; my promise to help you and to guide you, which I bring you now. ..”

My beloved brothers and sisters, prepare beforehand and fight, be courageous and remain faithful to Him .

Wishing you a blessed Christmas day in the perfect faith and the belief that Jesus didn’t came into the world in vain, but, by His death on the cross He saved us all, and ransomed us from sin and the beast.

Your Patricia

My Dream on the night of 3rd November 2014

In this encounter, I can never guarantee that these things will come to fulfilment, but experience has shown that such things will always come to fruition.

Whether this is going to be the case for this dream, I really don’t know.

I dreamt of a big apartment complex, a really big cube-like building with many apartments.

There was an earthquake that everyone noticed and felt. It must be meant either for the whole of Europe or the whole world. I think the latter. I knew that it was a sign indicating the Warning. The Warning would follow shortly. This was one of the last signs. This is the impression the dream left me with.

A great section of the building was destroyed by the earthquake. The people were desperate, ran in all directions or fled from their apartments and out of the building. There was chaos. Many people died. I also saw my daughter and my brothers and sisters. They were alive.

Jesus went with me and showed me the building and what happened. We watched as onlookers from above and saw the people running in confusion and screaming. He showed me exactly how the house looked after the earthquake. He told me that it was exactly according to His will to let the building fall apart, as I saw it now and He told me that it was exactly according to His will to let the people die which had died, and to let those live who were now alive.

Some apartments were totally destroyed, but despite this, the people survived while some homes were intact, but the people had died.

My explanation of the Dream:
1. The building in the form of a giant cube with many, many apartments represented the world
2. The earthquake is a sign announcing the Warning to come.
3. In the dream He showed me that in the Warning which was to come, many would die.
4. The building which was represented as a dice, showed me that for Jesus to take lives or to spare them was not a game of chance, but was exactly according to His will. He gives life and He takes it away and all is exactly how He ordained it to be.
5. Today, on the 3.11.14, He directed me to look at the messages about earthquakes before the Warning. I searched and immediately found the
Message 335, in which He announced that earthquakes would occur before the Warning.
335. God the Father: “Earthquakes will be felt as part of a small chastisement before the Warning.”  Friday 10th February 2012, 7.50 pm
6. In conclusion, because I am always uncertain, He gave me a splitting headache.

This is how I knew that He wanted me to know with certainty that this was the meaning of this dream. It was a confirmation from Him. I always get these splitting headaches intermittently around the head, but then I am happy because then I know that He is near.

He demonstrated to me, so to speak, His Presence, His Consolation, His Support, His Encouragement etc. It is painful for me to see it (the pain) as a reward and joy.

I have had this pain since 17th November 2013 (this date also has a personal meaning for me!) and, as I said, experienced it as joy and reward. – but not on a regular basis..I also always have this pain before our Immaculate Heart of Mary prayer meeting, when I have to experience a “dry spell” the whole week before it. Then Jesus makes His presence noticed 2 days beforehand, noticeably, through the pain in my Head. So He wants to tell me that He is now with me, and that I do not need to have any fear or concerns about the Immaculate Heart of Mary meeting and that He will be on hand. This than calms me down. He soothed me in this way again– as often before – when I was unsure whether to make the dream publicly known or not! But He gives me these graces not for me alone but in order to pass them on. That is my assignment.

Vision on 5th October in advance of the Bishops’ Synod

Dear brothers and sisters of our Merciful Saviour

On the 5/10/2014, on the day of the beginning of the Synod and a day after our meeting of Immaculate Heart of Mary prayer group at Einsiedeln, Martin and I were invited by a friend who was also at the meeting to a private dinner in Switzerland. There were a total of 6 of us at the table.

At the Grace after Meals, which was said by the hostess, I closed my eyes and had a vision, which I can only now explain. We had already spoken at the table over it, but the meaning was still open to interpretation.

But I already knew that it was a vision about the Synod.
In the vision I saw a place with large chess figures and how these were used when they were played out in the open. Frances sat at the head of a table, turned towards the game. Otherwise there were no other people to be seen, only the chess figures which were placed on a chessboard drawn on the ground. Across from Frances and behind the figures was a very high wall and when one looked up, there were no heavens (i.e. no sky, no light) only darkness. The whole square was, so to speak, held in darkness, almost completely black.

I now know – today on the 20/10/2014, a day after the end of the Synod –the explanation of the vision, which I could not have known or even guessed on the 5/10/2014 at our shared dining table.

Following are some points that come to mind as explanations:
1. The whole thing was like a game of chess for Frances
2. He was the main person at the head of the table, who observed the chess game and controlled it but who himself did not participate in the game.
3. He used his bishops as chess figures
4. He had all the strings in his hand and moved the figures as he needed them and which were of use to him.
5. The whole game was manipulated.
6. He also put new figures into the game
7. He only “played” with them. They served him for the purpose of achieving his hidden goal at any cost. This was the order of Satan – to destroy the Church.
8. The wall signified that everything lay in darkness – everything that is dishonest, concealed, impenetrable, hidden, manipulated, etc.
9. The fact that were no heavens signified that it was a game of hell and that this game, i.e. the Synod, was created in hell.
10. At the end he and his players were checkmated by Heaven, insofar as the conservatives rebelled and enforced the final report.