Evening Bible Reading Tues. 25th July


Tonight I asked God to teach me something. My reading certainly did!!

According to what I’ve just read and interpreted, the two popes (one rotten) and the Warning – before the Final Eschatological battle are in the Old Testament too! Of course, they are not named that way; but the descriptions, the symbols, the metaphors perfectly fit, and so do the order of events, each in close proximity to the other. By the time I reached the last section, the interpretation was clear.

Zechariah Ch 11 – 14


My particular Bible (CTS – Catholic Truth Society)) has subheadings: (see headings in photo above)

These were:

  1. The Two Shepherds (the loyal and the selfish one; see footnote within image below)
  2. The Deliverance and Restoration of Jerusalem
  3. Invocation to the sword; the new people
  4. The Eschatological Battle: The Splendour of Jerusalem

The contents are telling!

I have provided some excerpts below.

Look them up and read in full. It’s fascinating! Especially with what The Lord does with the two staffs. Look up these readings to get the full picture.

Some excerpts from Zechariah Chapters 11 to 14:

Zechariah 11: 4-7

The Shepherd Narrative. 4Thus says the LORD, my God: Shepherd the flock to be slaughtered. 5For they who buy them slay them and are not held accountable; while those who sell them say, “Blessed be the LORD, I have become rich!” Even their own shepherds will not pity them. 6For I will no longer pity the inhabitants of the earth—oracle of the LORD.—Yes, I will deliver them into each other’s power, or into the power of their kings; they will crush the earth, and I will not deliver it out of their power.

7So I shepherded the flock to be slaughtered for the merchants of the flock. I took two staffs: one I called Delight, and the other Union. Thus I shepherded the flock.

Zechariah 13: 7-9

The Song of the Sword

  1. Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, against the one who is my associate—oracle of the LORD of hosts. Strike the shepherd that the sheep may be scattered; I will turn my hand against the little ones.8 In all the land—oracle of the LORD—two thirds of them will be cut off and perish, and one third will be left. 9 I will bring the one third through the fire; I will refine them as one refines silver, and I will test them as one tests gold. They will call upon my name, and I will answer them I will say, “They are my people,” and they will say, “The LORD is my God.”

Zechariah 14:6-9

Jerusalem Restored.

6. On that day there will no longer be cold or frost. 7. There will be one continuous day—it is known to the LORD—not day and night, for in the evening there will be light. 8. On that day, fresh water will flow from Jerusalem,e half to the eastern sea, and half to the western sea. This will be so in summer and in winter. 9The LORD will be king over the whole earth;f on that day the LORD will be the only one, and the LORD’s name the only one.


The Book of Truth and “millennialism” – a Crusader’s query


There are 2 parts to this event – the first being the accusation of “millennialism” by a priest; and the second being the anti-mdm blogsite which also accused the Book of Truth in regards to this. The biggest problem is that people make judgements without knowing the facts. You can’t judge a book unless you have read every word within it. First of all you need to know what the word “millenialism” means and where the heresy comes in (as there are different interpretations of it)

This is our story. I think we can all identify with the issues being faced here and having the occasional doubt , or having someone throw something at us, to which we have no immediate reply. I hope you have time to read it all, as well as the extra articles (with links). I know Donna and I learnt a lot. To begin with, we both only had a rudimentary knowledge of the issue.

It all started on Mon, Jul 17, 2017  when “Crusader C” emailed us

Hi (Remnant Survivor)  & DONNA

perhaps you can help? We are having a bit of a “wobble” here at the moment. One of … priests from…, a beautiful holy priest, came to bless  (a crusader’s)  little house.. She showed him the prayer book and the Book of Truth, neither of these he had heard of before. After a brief look – I’m not sure what exactly he saw – he told her that the Church teaches against millenarianism, that when Christ returns as the Just Judge, that is “it”, the end of the cosmos, no thousand years of the Kingdom.

That really confounds me! I always understood that the “kingdom would come” once the Lord returned, that Satan would be banished from the world and we would enter a Eucharistic age of peace where the Church would function the way it was designed to. I think of Isaiah chpt 2 where arms and war are banished from the nations. And what about Revelations chpt 20 & 21, “See, I am making all things new!”. Even Our Lady of Fatima speaks of a time of peace after Russia is converted and becomes a light to the whole world. Other prophecies of the Church mention a Great Monarch and an angelic pope (who I’ve imagined is St Peter returned in glory). Are we all mistaken? Is it possible that the Church has it wrong in its dogma? This has upset  (crusader N), also (crusader A) – I told him to pray Crusade Prayer 86, “Release me from the torment of doubt”- I have always had answers after I’ve prayed that prayer.

What is your take on this? Have you come across this one before?

In my search for Milleniallism I came across the website…(this is an anti-mdm site)

(See Crusader C’s reply to this article on the aforementioned website – refuting it  –  further down.)

Looking forward to your reply!!

…. (Crusader C)

Remnant Survivor replied:

“Dear  Crusaders C, A and N,

… Milleniarianism or millenialism  is often quoted when anyone speaks of certain prophecies.

It refers to Christ’s reign in 1000 years of peace (Revelation). Some people think that it means that Christ will walk the earth with us at this time.

Other people  (rightly) say that Christ will not walk this earth again.

Many people misunderstand what the Catholic Church teaches about this..

What is in the Book of Truth aligns perfectly with Church Teachings.

I have attached some articles. See if they help you to understand it a bit better.

There are many false interpretations of what this term actually means.

Please forward this to A and N.”

The next day, (R.S.) also remembered:

Hi C,

I remembered some time ago I read about the “middle coming”(St Cyril of Jerusalem).

See documents attached.

Pass on the readings – it is important that people are equipped to fight any arguments which may be used to distract them from the Truth and from this very important Mission.

Most good priests reject the Book of Truth.

Remember it said in Daniel that the Truth would be “locked’ until the end.

Daniel refers to a “future book”.

The readings I sent to Crusader C. were:


This famous excerpt from a sermon by St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Sermo 5, In Adventu Domini, 1-3: Opera Omnia, Edit. Cisterc. 4 {1966}, 188-190 is used in the Roman Office of Readings for Wednesday of the First Week of Advent. It speaks of not 2 but 3 comings of the Lord.

See it at:    https://www.crossroadsinitiative.com/media/articles/three-comings-of-the-lord-st-bernard/

  • And also “Millennialism Properly Defined” by  by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
    (very lengthy, but comprehensive, Catholic article).

See it at:        http://www.catholicplanet.com/articles/article126.htm

  • Then I remembered reading an article on the “hidden coming” by St Cyril:


Crusader C’s final say and Action taken (on 18 July, 2017)

(Crusader C.): “With this particular issue, searching out what Millenarianism actually was (as my Catchesim was not very informative, only a passing remark with reference to Denzinger-Schonberg dogma which I found online) I came across a website, printed out its “refuting MDM” over this issue. As I read it, errors leapt off the page at me. So I sat down and wrote a response, in which the answers actually came to me. This is what I wrote (I think under the influence of the Holy Spirit)

Meantime I have just posted a comment on that blogsite.

Do you know, through every wobble that happens I find I grow STRONGER.

Always, always, I pray the Crusade 86 prayer “Release me from the torment of doubt”  and always answers come to me!

This is what I commented (on the anti mdm website):

‘There’s a TOTAL INACCURACY at the head of your blogsite on “The Millenarian”. You say ‘The Church rejects the notion that Christ will VISIBLY reign on earth for 1,000 years following His Second Coming. Maria Divine Mercy actively promotes this idea.

In fact, NO, she doesn’t! In her messages from Jesus Christ He states quite categorically that He will never walk the earth again – so your words are quite wrong. Anyway, she does not “promote” any “idea”. The words are not her own. It is Jesus making this clear. He also says that no human person can interpret the prophecies and symbolism of the Book of Revelations. He alone, the Lamb, is the one who breaks the Seven Seals, which He is doing in the messages given to Maria Divine Mercy, because, in these crucial times, He will not leave us orphans. We need to understand and be aware of the grand deception in progress.

Yes, agreed, the kingdom to come will HAVE NO END, but for a thousand years Satan will be bound. That does not mean the kingdom will only last for a thousand years, but men and women will inhabit Paradise for that period of time without any interference from Satan; they will live in communion with God as it was originally meant to be, had Adam and Eve not fallen.

Read Chapter 20 & 21 of Revelations. It states that after the Beast is defeated and the devil sent to the bottomless pit, all the souls martyred for their witness to Christ during the tribulation will be raised with Him and will reign for a thousand years. The remainder of the dead will not be raised to life until the end of this period at the SECOND resurrection and the final judgment.

When Christ returns in glory so that every eye will see Him, He snatches all those who belong to Him into the clouds while the Heavens and the Earth are renewed after the devastation of the great tribulation. He returns with all the saints, the 144,000 and a huge multitude from every nation “including those who have come out of the great tribulation and washed their robes in the Blood of the Lamb”.

A thousand years is mentioned THREE times in Chapter 20 alone as if to emphasize this period. Maybe that is why Our Lord, speaking to us through Maria Divine Mercy’s messages, says, “Know that the thousand years referred to in the Book of Revelation means JUST THAT.” (28 May, 2012) “The words contained in My Holy Book, the Holy Bible, do not lie!” (23 February 2012) Perhaps this could be a divine correction of a misunderstanding? But it certainly ISN’T Maria Divine Mercy speaking – as you suggest!’ “

Comment (Remnant Survivor:

Somehow I doubt very much that this blogsite will publish Crusader C’s correction, but at least it gives them food for thought and hopefully plants a little seed of Truth

Crusader C. emailed Donna on 23 July 2017

Subject: Millenarianism

“Good morning DONNA

Thank you for all your input on this tricky subject. And yes, God DOES have a sense of humour – I have experienced that too in my walk. And I do love Jeremiah*, so that was wonderful His leading you and me to that passage. … 

Yes, whenever I have a “wobble” with MDM I always, always, pray Prayer 86 “Release me from the torment of Doubt”. Every time, without fail, the Lord has given me an answer within 24 hours.

As your Mum predicted, Donna, they didn’t publish my comment. That’s Ok, the process of writing it helped me, and others. I sent it to Crusader P … and he has spread it around other …  members. Anyway, thank you again for your concern and all that you have shared. We are all here to support each other in the ongoing journey.   …

God bless you and your family abundantly.

(Crusader) C”

Jeremiah*  – see Reading at end of this article

Days later, (on 22nd July) Donna  replied :

 “Hi C…,,

I know that mum has already provided an answer for you because I didn’t have time – but I rang her to check. I’m going to call this “An answer to Millenialaism” because mum may need to publish some information for others struggling with interpretations. This ( see Bible reading below) is just what God gave me, in response to the priest’s objections but it’s nothing if not direct! 

The evil one is very good at needling us with tormenting accusing thoughts at times including through others. I know that when I have experienced this, and I certainly have, that I have asked Our Lord for clarification and wisdom and He has always provided it in the most amazing way- sometimes sooner, sometimes later, eradicating doubt and it ends up strengthening my faith even further and expanding my trust and understanding. This is actually what he promised to do when we work through these false challenges to His Word or confused interpretations, so it’s no surprise really. 🙂 

For myself, I knew that the definition of Millennialism didn’t exactly match what MDM described but I couldn’t remember what was the difference. I know the Bible itself says there will be 1000 years of peace and I don’t think we can say that has ever happened in History yet, so it must be still to come!

… I prayed and then opened the Bible for an answer to your priest and the ideas that supposedly clashed because God gave me His thoughts. It describes both the priest’s limited understanding and appreciation of God’s Word and plan, and also the chastisement, I think. I opened this on the night you asked me about it:- after asking God for an answer for you. The first line is the funniest. God has a sense of humour! Not what I was expecting! Anyway, I printed the words at the bottom. 

Furthermore, I afterwards opened on another passage (this time from the Book of Truth) under inspiration to do so. I did this today– just before writing to you and I opened on this! What are the chances? I hope God’s Word helps you all therefore and strengthens you also.

 Anything unclear will be revealed in time (and with prayer) to the degree we trust Him.”

Comment by R.S. I love the readings Donna always gets in response to issues and problems we have. It is to affirm all of us that Jesus always answers us when we ask for help.

Donna’s Readings: 

  • Jeremiah 4: 22- Jeremiah 5: 19

22 For my people are stupid, they do not know me; they are slow-witted children, and they have no understanding: they are clever enough at doing wrong, but do not know how to do right.

23 I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light.

24 I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly.

25 I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled.

26 I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord, and by his fierce anger.

27 For thus hath the Lord said, The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end.

28 For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black; because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.

29 The whole city shall flee for the noise of the horsemen and bowmen; they shall go into thickets, and climb up upon the rocks: every city shall be forsaken, and not a man dwell therein.

30 And when thou art spoiled, what wilt thou do? Though thou clothest thyself with crimson, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest thy face with painting, in vain shalt thou make thyself fair; thy lovers will despise thee, they will seek thy life.

31 For I have heard a voice as of a woman in travail, and the anguish as of her that bringeth forth her first child, the voice of the daughter of Zion, that bewaileth herself, that spreadeth her hands, saying, Woe is me now! for my soul is wearied because of murderers.

Run ye to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, and see now, and know, and seek in the broad places thereof, if ye can find a man, if there be any that executeth judgment, that seeketh the truth; and I will pardon it.

And though they say, The Lord liveth; surely they swear falsely.

O Lord, are not thine eyes upon the truth? thou hast stricken them, but they have not grieved; thou hast consumed them, but they have refused to receive correction: they have made their faces harder than a rock; they have refused to return.

Therefore I said, Surely these are poor; they are foolish: for they know not the way of the Lord, nor the judgment of their God.

I will get me unto the great men, and will speak unto them; for they have known the way of the Lord, and the judgment of their God: but these have altogether broken the yoke, and burst the bonds.

Wherefore a lion out of the forest shall slay them, and a wolf of the evenings shall spoil them, a leopard shall watch over their cities: every one that goeth out thence shall be torn in pieces: because their transgressions are many, and their backslidings are increased.

How shall I pardon thee for this? thy children have forsaken me, and sworn by them that are no gods: when I had fed them to the full, they then committed adultery, and assembled themselves by troops in the harlots’ houses.

They were as fed horses in the morning: every one neighed after his neighbour’s wife.

Shall I not visit for these things? saith the Lord: and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?

10 Go ye up upon her walls, and destroy; but make not a full end: take away her battlements; for they are not the Lord’s.

11 For the house of Israel and the house of Judah have dealt very treacherously against me, saith the Lord.

12 They have belied the Lord, and said, It is not he; neither shall evil come upon us; neither shall we see sword nor famine:

13 And the prophets shall become wind, and the word is not in them: thus shall it be done unto them.

14 Wherefore thus saith the Lord God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them.

15 Lo, I will bring a nation upon you from far, O house of Israel, saith the Lord: it is a mighty nation, it is an ancient nation, a nation whose language thou knowest not, neither understandest what they say.

16 Their quiver is as an open sepulchre, they are all mighty men.

17 And they shall eat up thine harvest, and thy bread, which thy sons and thy daughters should eat: they shall eat up thy flocks and thine herds: they shall eat up thy vines and thy fig trees: they shall impoverish thy fenced cities, wherein thou trustedst, with the sword.

18 Nevertheless in those days, saith the Lord, I will not make a full end with you.

19 And it shall come to pass, when ye shall say, Wherefore doeth the Lord our God all these things unto us? then shalt thou answer them, Like as ye have forsaken me, and served strange gods in your land, so shall ye serve strangers in a land that is not your’s.

20 Declare this in the house of Jacob, and publish it in Judah, saying,

21 Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:

22 Fear ye not me? saith the Lord: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it?

23 But this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone.

24 Neither say they in their heart, Let us now fear the Lord our God, that giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest.

25 Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you.

26 For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men.

27 As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich.

Following is the reading from the Book of Truth Donna opened up – days later – just before she replied to Crusader C’s email:

June 9, 2013

My beloved daughter, the pain you endure physically at this time is to save souls, who are so far removed from Me, that were you not to offer this to Me as a victim soul, they would be lost to Me forever. Always remember how much it hurts Me and breaks My Heart when I lose even just one soul.

My Love for humanity remains intact, for nothing could ever stop Me from loving each precious soul. I love them so much that the Gifts I have given you, My daughter, of seeing all of God’s children as He sees them, with a purity of heart, is never ending. This is why you suffer so much, My little one. It is not because of those whose anger insults you, but it is because of those souls who are in terrible darkness and whose destiny terrifies you, that you endure these new physical afflictions.

Please understand that when you become impatient and upset, because of these painful trials, that they are nothing compared to the intense suffering which faces those souls who will be taken by the beast. It will mean nothing when compared to souls who must endure the pain of suffering in Purgatory. How little this will mean to you when you see how I will pluck those souls, who otherwise would not be able to save themselves, from the evil grasp of the beast.

My daughter, no matter how painful this suffering is, it will not matter when I unite God’s children, when the most Glorious Paradise will descend on the Great Day. When the New Jerusalem comes down upon the world to the sound of trumpets, the lights will fill the skies and all will be silent then before the sound of angels, whose singing will reach every soul before the final moment.

This will be the last hour when I come to Judge the living and the dead. 

Your Jesus


Salt and Fire


At our prayer meeting on Thursday 22nd June, part of our Bible reading  mentioned:

“ 49 .Everyone will be Related imagesalted with fire. 50. Salt is good, but if salt becomes insipid, with what will you restore its flavor? Keep salt in yourselves and you will have peace with one another.”

Often the lesser known metaphors in this passage are overlooked and I have never heard them discussed. They are really remarkable. These are my thoughts about what they mean, upon wondering and reflecting on them.

“Everyone will be salted with fire” means that we will be seasoned  (improved) through our trials and sufferings. These are the “firewith which we are “salted”.

If we lose remembrance and sensitivity towards self-knowledge (of the sinners that we are) and what we have learned through suffering, we become hard-hearted again. What good is that? That is the suffering and trials losing their flavour; being unable to ‘season’ our thoughts, words and actions. 

The salt that we should keep within ourselves is humility, and love born of humility, which is why if we keep this within ourselves (the salt of our sufferings) we will have peace with one another.

I think this is meant to remind us to be grateful for the fire of our trials which produces salt in us, which can then season our words and actions through the salt of humility and charity, kept within us.

We should reflect deeply then on this passage in Mark, which are Jesus’ own words, and seek to understand what He is saying to us.

Crusaders using the talents God gave them: Mary’s Balm (Part 2)


In Part 1, we told of a crusader who took an enormous risk and followed what seemed to be something that could not be done by someone with his basic means and lack of any knowledge of the process except the conviction that he had to try and use the information revealed by Our Lady’s in a book revealed to a holy soul.

Our Lady and the Balm:

Knowledge of Mary’s Balm has been known on folklore over the ages, but the best information of its ingredients is found in the writings of Maria Valtorta

This balm was first used by Mary to assist Joseph, her husband – as mentioned in volume one. It volume three there is more information, with the herbs listed with which to make the balm It was urgently needed to assist a sailor who was seriously injured in a boat during a storm in Greece. He was rescued from being washed overboard by Peter, but suffered a mortal head wound. The disciples had the balm, sent by Mary before their journey, and used it on the sailor, who miraculously recovered from his wound

Medicinal Qualities of the Seven Herbs of Mary’s Balm

Mary’s Balm was a balm that Mary provided to the disciples before embarking on trips. The recipe has been recorded by Maria Valtorta, as well as the account of its miraculous, lifesaving cures. The seven herbs listed in the text are ancient remedies. They are difficult to obtain in quality amounts. We have painstakingly sourced them and combined them into this earnest replication of the ancient, significant balm.

The herbs recorded in the balm are:
Lilies, Camphor, Dittany, Resin, Cloves, Laurel, and Artemisia. This article summarises the many, many health benefits of these plants. And highlights the definite pattern of pain relief, arthritic treatment, and application to wounds and burns and skin conditions.

Read more about these herbs at: /http://www.marysbalm.com.au/medicinal-qualities-of-the-seven-herbs-of-marys-balm/

Read about Natural arthritis treatment that has been used  through the ages at: http://www.marysbalm.com.au/natural-arthritis-treatment/

Background information re Maria Valtorta

Papal Permission – Pope Pius XII

Maria Valtorta’s visions are the only Private Revelations to attain a Papal Order to Publish. Her writings were presented to Pope Pius XII on April 3rd of 1947, who examined them for eleven months. His Holiness then summoned her Spiritual Director to a special meeting in February of 1948, in which he ordered the publishing. There were 3 priests present: Fr. Romualdo Migliorini (Prefect Apostle in Africa), Fr. Corrado Berti (Professor of Dogmatic and Sacremental Theology at the Pontifical “Marianum” Theological Faculty of Rome from 1939 onward, later becoming Secretary of the Faculty from 1950 to 1959).

MOTHER TERESA and the Poem of the Man-God

Father Leo, a personal chaplain of Mother Teresa of Calcutta for 3 years, noticed that she always carried 3 books with her, where ever she went. One was a Bible and the other was her breviary. He asked about the third, and it was “Poem of the Man-God” by Maria Valtorta. He asked her what it was about, and she told him, “Read it”. He asked her again, and she responded with the same answer, “Read it”. Read more at: http://www.marysbalm.com.au/mother-teresa-poem-man-god/

Padre Pio and Maria Valtorta

St Padre Pio

Padre Pio was one of the holiest saints of the 20th Century. His insight into the usefulness of Maria Valtorta’s revelations for spiritual reading is certainly most reliable, as he was a mystic who communicated often with Our Lord and Our Lady.

When asked about Maria Valtorta’s “Poem of the Man-God”, he said: “I don’t advise you to read it – I order you to”. Padre Pio was an ardent supporter of Maria Valtorta’s writings and continued to advocate that others experience the writings for themselves.

Read more about Maria’s mystical experiences of Padre Pio at: http://www.marysbalm.com.au/relationship-padre-pio-maria-valtorta/

Excerpts from Volume Three Of Poem Of The Man God Relating To Mary’s Balm

Mary has prepared the Balm to treat one of the disciples and tells them the ingredients.

Quote: “… if he has difficulty in breathing, do as I told you, using the other little vase of balm. Take enough of it to rub on his chest, shoulders and kidneys… rub it on and cover him immediately with the woolen bands I gave you. I prepared the balm for that special purpose. And you, Syntyche, remember its composition, so that you can make more… lilies, camphor, dittany, resin and cloves with laurel, artemisia…”

A Miraculous Cure

During a storm at sea, a man is badly injured, his head split open by a falling mast. Peter is able to rescue him before he was washed overboard and takes him below to Syntyche

Quote: “Syntyche… goes to the table on which they have laid the poor man… the wound is a nasty one. The bone is laid bare from the temple to the nape…” I am going to try with Mary’s ointment” > says Syntyche…  “But that is for pains”…> objects Matthew… “Oh Mary prepared it with her own hands”, Syntyche says. “I will use it praying. Will you pray too?” Syntyche applied it to the wounded head. She then bandages it tightly with linen strips. She places a folded mantle under the head of the wounded man who seems to doze off and she sits near him praying; the others also pray.

The Captain speaks to the Apostles and the injured man

Quote: “…The injured sailor is sitting beside John of Endor… the man’s head is still dressed with a light bandage and he is pale as ivory because of the blood he has lost. But he is smiling and he speaks to those who saved him and to his companions who, as they pass, congratulate him on his return to deck… The Captain says, “I did not think he could survive after being struck by the heavy beam and by iron which made it even heavier. Demetes these people have really bought you back to life, because you were as good as dead… they cured you with their wonderful ointments. Let me see your wound > … The man undoes the bandage and shows a smooth healed scar, like a red mark from his temple to his nape, just under his hair… Nicomedes touches the mark lightly: “Even the bone is healed! …”

The Apostles return to Israel leaving the disciples in Greece.

Quote: “…Syntyche will be busier preparing ointments than working’  confirms James of Zebedee. What do you think of that ointment? What a wonderful thing! Syntyche told me that she wants to make it here and use it to become familiar with local families, says John. A very good idea “a sick person who is cured always becomes a disciple and their relatives follow suit”, states Matthew.


Prayer is an important component (even though the individual ingredients all have been proven to be very effective.

Follow the example of the disciples who gathered and prayed around the injured man (even though Matthew objected that the ointment was only for pain. When Syntyche said that it was made by Mary’s hands, they gathered to pray. It is suggested that you pray the Rosary on behalf of those being anointed with Mary’s Balm. Mention the name of the person being prayed for and your intentions at the beginning of the Rosary.



(It’s only early days and the following are only sketchy outlines.

  • Jim has a relative who is an unbeliever, but he dipped his forefinger in the ointment and dabbed it on a little spot that he had on the side of his temple,  that he was a little worried about. Three days later he exclaimed to Jim that it was gone – completely disappeared


  • Another elderly lady in his prayer group was due to have knee reconstruction of both knees. She was in a lot of pain continually. She could not avoid it – it had to be done. She started to rub in the ointment and pray, as suggested by the instructions. After a certain while, she went to her Doctor and said she didn’t want the surgery as she had no more pain!


  • Another man was involved with a complicated copyright legal battle. He hadn’t slept for days. He felt he had to do something – he desperately needed sleep. He rubbed a little ointment on his temples, and he slept soundly all night.

These testimonials are only from the first few weeks of the balm’s release.


Also see Little sons and daughters of the Divine Will at: https://divinewillaustralia.wordpress.com/

Please be patient with the Mary’s Balm  website – it is a work in  progress and will eventually have links, blog, testimonials, follow by email capability, etc.

You can order at: http://www.marysbalm.com.au/

Distribution points are in Australia/New Zealand and US/Canada.

In Australia, at this moment stocks have been sold out with a new shipment due to arrive in about 6 weeks. Australian and NZ customers, please feel free to pre- order– as the income will help them to fund more of Marys Balm.

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So the message is:

1) Encourage people (who need healing) to use the balm

and so bring them to our Blessed Mother. It can be a great conversion tool.

2) Stock up in preparation for your end-time medicinal needs – when normal medicines and ointments will not be available.


It is a heavenly remedy

made available for our (end) times!

God’s timing is perfect!!

Fatima is still at heart of Catholics – and of our Archbishop.


The 100th Year Anniversary of Fatima

Just because priests rarely mention it, and don’t proclaim its messages – about Hell, the Rosary, Consecration of Russia, war and peace, chastisement, … doesn’t mean that it is not at the heart of many, many Catholics.

It was a great affair. The world over there were celebrations, processions, rosaries. It just shows you how Catholics love their Blessed Mother.

In our own little corner of the world, there is one of the pilgrim statues doing the rounds of parishes – attracting hundreds of people in prayer and petition, wherever it is. There are special Masses, little local processions – around the block, or simply around the Church, all night prayer vigils.

We have a Marian shrine about 2 hours drive from the outskirts of the city. It is run by the Polish Pauline Fathers and attracts 100’s of people on the 13th of each month, and has done so for decades. Yesterday , it was packed with buses – over 70. It was said there were about 10,000 people. I don’t know if that’s correct but it is unlikely to be reported in any secular newspapers.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher

Our dear good Archbishop has fought many battles. He is the youngest bishop here “down under”.

Just before Christmas of 2015 Archbishop Fisher was struck down with “Guillain-Barre Syndrome” which left him paralyzed  all over. It took over 6 months to get over the worst of it, but it was said that it could take another 2 years to fully recover.

The whole diocese is still praying for him, but he has done amazing things in “fighting the good fight”.

A few days ago, I posted an article about how his actions helped to prevent an horrendous Abortion Bill being passed – See https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/2017/05/12/great-day-for-nsw-abortion-bill-defeated/  

In March, he presided 0ver the Eucharistic Procession through the streets of Sydney and Benediction at the Cathedral for the Feast of the Annunciation – “Day of the Unborn”.

In an interview by Crux on 14th July, 2016, he told the interviewer when asked about the renewed push for same-sex marriageI take the view, which I think is the Catholic view of history, that nothing is inevitable until it actually happens. There are no inevitable tides of history that mean because this country or that country has gone a particular way with same-sex marriage or any other social trend, that we have to do so in Australia.”

I remember in mid 2015 when yet another private members’ bill was introduced into Parliament. Bp. Anthony Fisher, as well as ACL (Australian Christian Lobby and other groups ,  had their fighting gloves on. The Archbishop did public talks (for all, not just Catholics), wrote to businesses etc. He sent a booklet on Marriage to all parishes, and Catholic schools outlining the arguments and Catholic situation.We won that fight – at least for the moment. It didn’t get passed, but that doesn’t mean this question will not reappear in the future.

Abp. Anthony Fisher Consecrates Sydney to Our Lady of Fatima

Considering the crisis the church, and considering that in Sydney each year we have a gay Mardi Gras parade, which has the support of the local government officials, and of course all of the secular media – TV, newspapers, radio announcers… It’s right in your face.

And every year, we have little prayer vigils, and every year we hope that there is a huge summer thunderstorm  and or hailstorm, that will pour down suddenly right in the middle of it all (as happens here) and wash them all away, but it never happens. It’s not God’s way.

But yesterday, on the 13th May, 2017 – on the 100th anniversary of the first Fatima apparition, our wonderful Archbishop  consecrated Sydney and its people to Our Lady of Fatima. Now we know that there are many parishes with modernist pastors, but there are also many who are faithful to the Truth. Our Archbishop had a lot of courage. Notice the last paragraph in the prayer that he said (below) – a veiled reference to the issues in the Dubia?

 In his sermon he mentioned the wonderful fact that the very next day – Sunday 14th May – was Mother’s Day. What a wonderful gift to our heavenly Mother!

This is the prayer he prayed:

Consecration Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima
by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

“O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of heaven and earth, and tender Mother of humanity,
in accordance with your ardent wish made known at Fatima, I consecrate to you myself,
my brothers and sisters of the Archdiocese of Sydney, and the whole human race.

We commit to you all the members of this local Church, beginning with the weakest ones,
from the unborn to the sick, the disabled and the elderly.
We commit to you our families, our children, our young people, the single, the widowed and the lonely.
We entrust to your Immaculate Heart especially hurt and broken families,
for those who seek the meaning of life but who are getting lost in a world of confusion, immoral influences, and distorted ideas.

Reign over us and teach us how to make the Heart of Jesus reign and triumph in us and around us, as it has reigned and triumphed in you!

Reign over us, dearest Mother, that we may be your children in prosperity and in adversity,
in joy and in sorrow, in health and sickness, in life and in death!

O most compassionate Heart of Mary, Queen of Virgins, watch over our minds and hearts,
and preserve them from the deluge of impurity which you lamented  so sorrowfully at Fatima.
We want to be pure like you. We want to atone for the many crimes committed against Jesus and you.
We want to call down upon our city, our country and the whole world the peace of God in justice and charity!

Help us as we resolve to live according to the Gospel, to fulfil the Commandments of God and those of the Church,
to receive the sacraments worthily
, especially the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist,
and to contribute to the building up of the Kingdom of your divine Son,  in union with his most Sacred Heart.”

See more at: http://www.sydneycatholic.org/news/latest_news/2017/2017512_1213.shtml

Thank you Jesus (through our dearest Mother, Mary)  for guiding our Bishops and for all the blessings they receive for us. Help us to help you, fight the fight against evil, until Our lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.



Today – Good Shepherd Sunday


Heard a great sermon today. I can’t remember it all, so I will just use the main ideas and embellish them with my own thoughts, as inspired by the sermon. (The parts that are definitely from the sermon I heard are in italics, but in my own words).

Shepherds in Jesus day were not well thought of – they did not have good reputations. Sometimes they were not even allowed to give testimony in court. Jesus said ‘I am the Good Shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know Me.…” He would even lay down His life for his sheep.

Shepherds make sure their flocks have good food, go and look for them when they stray and get lost, and bring them back to the fold. They stay with them day and night and keep them safe from predators and wolves. The crook is an aid to help rescue them when they are in trouble, or approaching trouble.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd appointed His apostles as bishops – to be shepherds of the flock of the faithful. We call them “pastors”. Jesus gave them 3 main functions – to sanctify, teach and govern – these are to  keep the flock safe from harm.

Sanctify – to make holy by offering the Sacrifice of the Mass and to confect and give the Sacraments;

teach –  the teachings of Jesus Christ laid down by Him and which cannot be changed – to enable the flock to stay safe and reach their eternal reward; 

govern – the structures laid down to enable all this to happen.




The Protestant Reformation of the 1500’s distanced itself from the role of the priest, and therefore of the “Good Shepherd”. They cannot offer up the Sacrifice of the Mass, or the Sacraments of Eucharist and Penance – keeping the flock safe from harm and evil and keeping holy. It is such that their ministry is a job – in which they must use their own personalities to emphasise their homilies and teachings. In doing so, they face the people. Their altar is just a table (without relics) – it is not used to offer up the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ offered up on the Cross. This has crept into our own Catholic Church since Vatican II. When the priest faces the people, they are the centre of attention.

The priest referred to modern shepherds who use “clown” antics to keep the people amused; who wear secular clothing, who are referred to by their Christian name only and  the title of  “Father” is not used.

I, myself, can think of many “clown” Masses – they seem to have been multiplied especially since 2013.

Remember Fr Scheier? He was in an horrific car accident and should have died. He says that his sentence was “hell” when Our Blessed Mother interceded for him. You might think  – what did he do that was so bad?

 See his whole story here: http://www.sign.org/articles/gods-merciful-judgement-a-priests-true-story 

Also see Youtube EWTN: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VFE8ToVatI

Many of our dear priests have let the spirit of the world infect them: they think that they have to be seen as accepting everything and everyone. Jesus and His teachings are no longer important unless they have been twisted to show that Jesus will show Mercy to every single person, regardless of whether they ask for forgiveness and express their sorrow.

Father told us that the devil once said to St John Vianney: “If there were three such priests as you, my kingdom would be ruined.

WE MUST PRAY FOR GOOD SHEPHERDS especially all the modernist cardinals and bishops who are leading the flock astray; and for good priests with courage to proclaim the Truth despite secular modernist and relativist opinions and persecutions.

Jesus does not want any of His beloved “Sacred Servants” to be lost. Remember Jesus’ exhortation to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day at 3 o’clock for all to be saved. We were just reminded of that in our prayer group meeting  a few days ago. See the post entitled “JtM Crusade Prayer meeting on Thursday 27th April, 2017”


Pope Pius XII  July 17, 1956

O Jesus, eternal High Priest, Good Shepherd, Font of Life, Who by a special favor of Thy most tender Heart hast given to us our priests in order to accomplish in us those holy ideals with which Thy grace inspires our hearts, let Thy mercy, we beseech Thee, come to the aid of our priests.

Grant them, O Jesus, lively faith in their works, unshakable hope in their trials and fervent charity in their intentions. May Thy word, radiant with eternal Wisdom, become through continual meditation, the never failing nourishment of their interior life; may the examples of Thy Life and Passion be renewed in their conduct and sufferings for our instruction and as a light and consolation in our sorrows.

  Grant, O Lord, that our priests, free from all earthly attachments and solicitous for Thy glory alone, may persevere to their last breath in the fulfillment of duty and in purity of conscience. And when in death they deliver into Thy hands a task well done may they have in Thee, Lord Jesus, their Master on earth, the eternal reward of the crown of justice in the glory of the Saints. Amen.

GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR HIS REMNANT ARMY (Part 2)– preparing us, guiding us.


We know that Jesus chooses our readings each week.

We could not help but notice – the topics, the repetitions, and the timing relevant to church/world events.The readings are chosen after the Crusade Prayers. They are chosen randomly with a prayer to the Holy Spirit first to guide us.

On Thursday 13th April at our JtM prayer group one of the readings we opened up on was  about the coming Abomination of the Eucharist, when a new Liturgy will be introduced with the meaning of the Eucharist changed. See:  https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/jtm-crusade-prayer-meeting-on-thursday13th-april-2017/

On Thursday 20th April, the following week, we again opened up on exactly the same reading about the Eucharist. There was no marker in the book, and the book was picked out randomly from the pile of volumes 1 to 5. The Crusader involved asked “should I open it again?”. DonnaLiane responded and urged her to open it again. She re-opened it and lo and behold – it was the SAME reading. See: https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/2017/04/20/jtm-crusade-prayer-meeting-on-thursday-20th-april-2017/

God was trying to tell us something2 weeks in a row. Donna explained: “It was because I had learnt from the night before* that God can do the most unlikely thing and give you the same reading twice, that I exhorted and told Mum that He would if He wanted to – and then He did!!

God was laughing at me! Then we were laughing too. 

* It was confirmation of the night before’s reading on the Book of Truth! (answering the problem I had – see previous post “GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR HIS REMNANT ARMY (Part 1)”

Then, Donna wrote (on Saturday 22 April):

I woke up this morning)  singing the most unlikely hymn as I was half awake /half asleep. It took me a while to remember all the words (mainly the first line) but I’m sure my angel put it in my head as I DID go to sleep while praying and haven’t heard this hymn in YEARS! Not even a reference to it!

It goes…

” Sons of God

Hear His Holy Word

Gather round the table of the Lord

Eat His Body

Drink His Blood

And we’ll sing a song of Love

Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Allelulia!”

Email Signed: ‘Joyfully Jesus’ (through Mary)’

Mum replied:

This is a confirmation of the messages we have had in the last 2 weeks about the Eucharist.

Be aware of the Eucharist -and ALL that It is. It is as if the words are for all those who will be faithful to the Truth about Jesus present in the Eucharist.

That Night 

Donna Liane opened on: Hosea 9: 1 – 6 (The Sorrows of Exile).

They have deserted God and the bread and wine won’t nourish them. They won’t offer the sacrifice of the Lord anymore.

And their bread will be like mourners bread. It will make them unclean…

and then their treasures will become overrun with weeds too. They will have nowhere to celebrate on the day of the Lordthe day of solemn festival. They will have gone from the devastation and left into exile by then.

This is a summary, not the actual Passage.

Have a read of the actual words:

1Do not rejoice, Israel,

do not exult like the nations!

For you have prostituted yourself, abandoning your God,

loving a prostitute’s fee

upon every threshing floor.

2Threshing floor and wine press will not nourish them,

the new wine will fail them.

3They will not dwell in the LORD’s land;

Ephraim will return to Egypt,

and in Assyria they will eat unclean food.

4They will not pour libations of wine to the LORD,

and their sacrifices will not please him.

Their bread will be like mourners’ bread

that makes unclean all who eat of it;

Their food will be for their own appetites;

it cannot enter the house of the LORD.

5What will you do on the festival day,

the day of the LORD’s feast?

6* When they flee from the devastation,

Egypt will gather them, Memphis will bury them.

Weeds will overgrow their silver treasures,

and thorns, their tents.

This is also about the loss of the Eucharist .

We think God is trying to tell us that this is close.

It is urgent that we are prepared – that we warn others!